Why do Bontrager make their tyres so effing tight??!!!

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  • Why do Bontrager make their tyres so effing tight??!!!
  • KevinPP

    That`s it really. Wanted to get 2 new Jones ACX tyres fitted tonight before I went out. Two hours so far, tubeless on no-flats rim strips. Tight as….. I know they are tubeless ready but surely they do not need to be that bloody tight! Sod it. They can wait until tomorrow.
    Need a drink now!

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    I'd guess it's the rim strip that's doing it rather then the tyre (you've just added half a mm or so to the radius of the rim haven't you ?)

    (I can get a mud-x tubeless on & off a flow/yellow tape without levers and I'm no expert)

    WHat rims ?
    HAs the strip filled up the central valley completely? – if not, make very sure you push the bead right into the valley all round before getting the last bit over the rim edge


    I'd rather have a tight tyre than have the fookin thing burp and throw me down the road on my face…..

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    My jones ACX are hanging on the garage wall. Far too tight to bother puting on the Bonty rims they came with. The might be OK with a 22mm rim but for a 24-25mm rim they are lever busting tight. I don't enjoy that sort of hassle out on the trail.


    These are 2.35s on 717s, and yes it is the strip that makes it extra extra hard, but have got the same on a pair of Flows which were also a struggle to get on. Mud-x seem to be a bit looser. Hoping I don`t get any splits in the tyre once they are on…


    I used to curse my ACX's but all you need is watered down fairy liquid, wipe it round the rims, use fingers to get most of the tyre on then use good strong tyre levers, plastic coated soild steel core, then use a track pump until POP's your uncle.

    Slime tubes are a good idea saves a lot of faf on the trail.

    Did some one say tubeless,,,, don't start me,

    Premier Icon Lucas

    yeah pain in the arse, I have tubless ready acx on 717 and a DT440 or something. Both are so tight I was sweating like a peado in a playground after fitting the first one and the second just knackered my hands, took about 1.5hrs to fit them both. Was doing getto tubless so had the innertube making the fit a bit tighter. I've got some metal intense tyre leavers now which has made it easier but I hope I don't need to fit them when out!


    Mud-X, XR and Big Earl wet all pretty easy but that is onto Bonty rims (with tubeless strips in) or no-name rims with a deep well.

    Premier Icon mboy

    They make em tight so that when you're running tubeless, they just inflate instantly, no hassles!

    Yeah, it took me 20 minutes per tyre or so to get them onto my rims on my ghetto tubeless setup, it was a right faff, but they went on in the end, pumped up straight away, and now they're on they won't be coming off til they are probably worn out cos they're a damned good tyre…


    After 2 hours getting the front tyre on, one broken tyre lever later, inflated (no problem there – the tyre is so tight to the rim strip there is no chance of it not sealing) it only to find the bloody valve had gone where it is bonded in to the strip. Ok so maybe I should have used a brand new strip, but it has been such a hassle I have now given up. Just put a Stans filled tube in instead. I have been running tubeless for two years now and it is the first time I have had any real problems with tyres. I could have tried again but it has taken so long to do this I think if I had a problem out riding one morning it would be dark by the time I got the tyre and strip out and put a tube in.


    Michelin Pro 3'S, zIPP 404's

    2 hours, 4 broken tyre levers and a lot of bad language.

    I went back to the shop and bought some Bontranger xxx lites, went straight on.


    Bontrager are our main tyre brand in the shop.

    It got so bad that one time the bead burst before we could even get the tyre on. My thumbs are probably ruined, and they eat tyre levers (we have to use the Park DH ones, which eat inner tubes…).

    I'm tempted to write to Keith personally and ask him to sort it out.

    Shame the tyres are so poor it's not worth the effort anyway.

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