Why do all the mags rate Fox forks?

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  • Why do all the mags rate Fox forks?
  • eddyesi

    One day PACE will make a freeride DH fork and we can all be happy. I’d kill for a PACE built Totem-esque fork.

    and yes, if Pace made a 170-180mm fork I’d be in that queue!!

    Didn’t think Pace made forks anymore- and I don’t think that their reliability was being praised to the heavens when they did.

    Many moons ago, Pace made the DH specific RC 150 Monster fork.
    It was ****, you would spend more time servicing it than riding on it.

    I used to work at a Pace status one dealer. We used to call Pace forks “homing forks” as we were always sending forks back to Pace for problems that Pace had, apparently, never encountered before, even though we were constantly sending forks back every week with the same issues!


    I am now on my 3rd pace fork in 7 years (RC36 Evo III, RC36 stealth, RC40 ph1), and each has only been changed due to upgrades. All were 2nd hand, each was only serviced once a year, used regularly, and were working when done. RC40’s are 3yr old and working flawlessly, cant find another 1.8kg 130mm adjustable coil fork thats as good either.

    Totally gutted with the whole DT thing, unless they pull there finger out and cut prices they are lost. Should have been an institution like Hope, but seem to be struggling, just hoping they have more decent frames planned instead, part carbon RC303 would be lush


    re reviews
    its a bit like the stw review of crank bros cranks, review was positive…..

    alledgely a week later the SS plates fell off and a few months later Crank Bros withdraw the product

    not seen an update in print though

    then again I could have made it all up


    Vinnyeh, there’s little point me explaining it further, for some reason you seem hooked into the idea of bribes and blackmail which has nothing at all to do with what I was talking about.

    Your comments and what you incorrectly read into what i have written are far more telling of your psyche, than the game that is played out between magazines and advertisers.

Viewing 3 posts - 161 through 163 (of 163 total)

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