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    I got bike for christmas when i was 3 and have been on two wheels ever since. As young kids we would set up obstacle courses and build jumps and just race about everywhere. I guess i’ve always considered bikes as toys and used them as such. In ’82 i got my first bmx and that was me really into bikes. Met a few lads around town who were mad keen too, and that was it. At that age we were all competitive and as a result we progressed quickly. We’d go racing at the weekends and try and out-trick/out jump each other during the week. Great times – thanks for the memories 😀 .

    The gang members drifted off at we reached that age but a few of us kept at it. We were hardcore bikers 😆 . Road trips, building big jumps and real ramps and late night street riding – all the road fools stuff. At one point i had a miniramp and a set of dirtjumps in my (rented) house. Around this time (’95ish) i got into motorbikes and for a while both bikes got a piece of me. Slowly the engines took over and i stopped cycling altogether.

    Fast forward 12 years and a pretty bad weekend (two local bikers died and one of my group lost a leg) forced my hand somewhat and i decided that maybe it was time to leave the big bikes for a bit. Considering the stupid stuff i’d got up to, i was very lucky to walk away heathly.

    I needed something, so i dug the bmx out again. It was fun for a little while, but none of the gang were about and it felt really small compared to a big motorbike. A few friends had mtbs and i thought i’d give it a go. I hated it at first (bike kept breaking) but once i realised it wasn’t a bmx, we got on great. Six years later and i’m still loving it.

    p.s. Loving this thread. Much more interesting than the wheel diameter ones


    Lived on the bike as a kid. Did quite a bit of BMX racing (being beaten by Brendon Fairclough in the British Champs) and MTB racing. Used Mum’s commuter to do local crit races and hill climbs.
    Briefly got into motorbike trials, my bikes went to fund that, lost interest in the road side of things.
    As a teen had a few mates that raced downhill so used to tag along with them. Picked up a cheap Barracuda hardtail and rode dirtjumps and bits of DH.
    Upgraded to a 24seven which I loved but got sold to fund my first car. Regretted it like mad once I had transport to go riding in different places but no bike to ride! Rode BMX for a while but at 6’3 and 15 stone never really suited the little bike and gave up.
    Bought a cheap mountain bike again and got into riding singletrack and all day rides. Have since upgraded a couple of times and have just started racing.
    Currently on an Athem 29er, soon to be chopped in for an XC bike and an AM bike.

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)

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