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  • No chance of an answer?
    Go, on, you might enjoy it.

    I would hate to prove you wrong Rusty…….apparently I have never in my lifetime answered a question.

    Don’t take that as an answer btw 🙂


    The helmet thing is more about attitude than anything else.

    If there’s a nice polite sign, then yeah, no problem. I’ve actually been thanked by bank staff when they’ve seen me remove my lid as I walk in.

    But some people are little hitlers. I’ve been told to remove an open faced lid when trying to post a parcel and the woman was a right snotty cow. So she got some backchat from me about it.

    I’ve been told off recently for standing just outside the kiosk at a petrol station talking on my phone. (I walked there. Not in the car….) The woman came rushing out, rudely butted in to my conversation with the “health and safety says so” line so I told her top poke it and leave me alone. I was going to explain it all to her when I’d done, but she disappeared in a huff. If she’d have asked nicely and not interrupted I would have nodded sweetly and thought no more of it.

    Working as I do with heavy duty health and safety rules in a rather dangerous line of work I KNOW these people are just bullshitting and it does grate a bit. Next time I’ll ask to see the risk assessment etc I think, then sit picking holes in it.

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    Go on. Just a little answer?
    Maybe start with nodding your head and work your way up from there? 😀

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    I’ve never been asked to remove my helmet but thats probably because 9 times out of 10 I do it anyway as it’s nice to get a bit of fresh air around my barnet. Gloves naturally come off in order to take off the helmet, as it’s not easy to get the wallet out with them on and it gets rid of some sweat!

    Fair weather biker…….moi? 😉

    Go on. Just a little answer?

    Well it’s a bit of a mystery to me as to why you should attach so much importance to my opinion on the matter Rusty, or why you have particularly singled me out for that question, but no, I’m determined that you shouldn’t be proved wrong so I won’t answer the question.

    Although if you’re really that interested in my opinion on the matter, and you’re clever and cunning, you might find a clue in what I posted yesterday, ie :

    “…..if they do cover their faces, then I would be surprised if they were served petrol – it certainly wouldn’t be right.”

    Can you see any hints/clues in that ?

    How about getting a sticker of your face on the back of the helmet, pulling a disgruntled face?

    If you are being continually harassed by petrol station attendants, it is of course your right to grow a huge **** off beard.


    If you’re feeling like being really awkward, you could wear a massive false beard/moustache & dark glasses under your helmet, so you’re just as unrecognisable when you take it off.


    Cold sore?


    This thread is actually about helmet hair / baldness.

Viewing 9 posts - 46 through 54 (of 54 total)

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