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  • Why can't I run?
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    I think someone posted about them recently, but if you’re having issues with impact, maybe have a look at Hoka One One, which use a super thick EVA sole that’s also slightly softer than normal running shoe foam. There’s very little underfoot structure, they rely on the cushioning, and they’ve become really popular with ultra runners because of the increased comfort / jarring reduction.

    They’re a bit like the running equivalent of plus-sized tyres in that you lose a lot of trail feel and some precision, but they’re nowhere near as unstable as they look because your foot sinks into the mid-sole and the sole unit is soft enough to deform around smaller irregularities in the trail surface. I don’t like them much off road, but on hard surfaces they work really well for me.

    Designed by ex-Salomon French people who spend lots of time in the Alps hammering down steep descents on hardpack trails I think. And yes, they do look weird… 😐

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    It happens. I’ve been running regularly for 4 or 5 years and I’m currently having to rest due to my knee. Did the same last year but kept trying and it went on for months so this time, first sign, I’ve stopped to rest.

    Cycling and sea swimming instead.

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    When you are heavy running hurts (I speak from experience 17.5st when I started). Start out slow, be thoughtful of your technique, too many people run horribly, think about keeping your feet reasonably straight, i.e. not kicking you heels out and putting strain on your knees.

    Differently to Molster I used to run pose, so land on front of foot and use the foot as suspension to avoid a heel strike, but was told to stop, I have flexible ankles and was putting too much load through the inside of the ankle joint.

    A good Osteo would be my next step, I’ve been to one with problems and she has beaten me senseless and made me much more comfortable when running.

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    So don’t assume the shop always gets your shoes right.

    Yeah. The shop looks at the way you run and chooses shoes based on that. It doesn’t tell you you’re running poorly.

    Molgrips advice is good but as a heavy runner you will create massive stress on your Archilles heel casing damage

    Oh yes, absolutely. I’m ‘only’ 14st ish, and I seem to be fairly robust so after some adjustment pains it was okay for me and has been since. However lots of people can get injured this way. All I was trying to say was to do some reading and think about the mechanics of it. However I do think that the foot placement (ie not too far out in front) is the worst thing I was doing wrong, and experimenting with that shouldn’t risk injury.

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    I’ve never thought of skiing as an injury….

    Seems to be almost inevitable judging from the various injuries my skier friends have picked up over the years… 😉

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    I’m less than half your weight and still get some issues. I’m currently dealing with Plantar Fasciitis but the combination of a strassburg sock at night, Scholl insoles and some painful rolling with a small frozen water bottle finally seem to have cleared it. I shall be testing it later in the week but generally I’d say stop and deal with any problem immediately. I naturally run on the front of my feet, I’m not sure if this has contributed to the problem I’ve had but I may try experimenting if it returns.

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    OP – good to see you running but do be careful. To be blunt 18st is a lot to be carrying around on a run, but good for you for wanting to. The key is to take it slowly, both speed and distance and back off v quickly if you feel any niggles. DO NOT RUN THROUGH THE PAIN. Pain is telling you something so LISTEN TO IT.

    FWIW, I was running ultras and then had two bad years which saw me stop training and stick on 2 stone. Not good. Have just shifted one and half stone recently through exercise and diet. Was running 5-10miles of relatively hilly XC. Generally ok but go the odd knee twinges so stopped for at least a week and went riding, rowing or swimming instead. I still want to get down another half a stone before I up the miles again.

    It really is important to avoid injuries when running. They put you back a long way and make you feel shit.

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    You can totally over think running IMO. The advice I have for someone at 18st is start slow, do the run/walk/run thing and preferably do it on grass or astro turf, where the impact will be lower. Also don’t over stride and heal strike.

    Way too much is written about trainers, just get some comfy ones that fit.

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