Why arent my sid xx 29 working?

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  • Why arent my sid xx 29 working?
  • bikerbruce

    as above,left them alone not ridden them for a week,I push the lockout lever and get nothing,on or off…any ideas,they are just totally solid.
    Many thanks


    have you checked the lockout cable is moving? Mine sticks sometimes.


    Ive given it a wiggle…


    Are these not the ones with a hydaulic or air pressure lock out, which through bad design (I think)when it needs bleeding makes the fork locked out?


    Perhaps the damper seal has gone & peed all the oil into the lowers, total hydraulic lockout tastic


    The simple problem would be just that the lockout mechanism needs bleeding as mentioned before it could also could be hydrolocked. My moneys on the lock out though, push it all the way in and hold using the most of the pressure in the system and push down on the fork if the fork opens up it just needs a bleed.

    If you had the moco cartridge out you would see how the system works when the x-loc is pushed down it pushs a rod down which opens the gate on the loc out mechanism. Without any pressure on this gate the gate stays closed hence why a bleed may fix the issue.


    mine are the same, bounce them a few times, will soon start working!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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