Why aren't my forks fully rebounding/extending?

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  • Why aren't my forks fully rebounding/extending?
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    Just finished a long overdue service of my Fox Van R 32’s but they now don’t seem to rebound to full length.

    Once they have rebounded back to full length with me off the bike, if I then lift the bike they drop by approx 5mm more.

    Does this make sense?

    Anyone experienced this, have any suggestions?



    Spring has compressed a little over time.Wind in the preload a bit.

    Premier Icon mrbotticelli

    Rorschach, thanks the quick reply.

    Had a play around with the preload and it seems to make no difference to the problem 🙁

    All other suggestions gratefully received!

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    Just been thinking about this problem. Looking at the fox rebuild instructions here I notice that they fit the spring side first then the damper side.

    I fitted them the other way round, damper then spring 😳 I remember having to push the fork down so that I could get the top cap on above the spring which was a bit of pain.

    Is it possible this is the cause of the problem? Perhaps because the damper wasn’t fully extended when the spring was fitted?

    Can I just undo the damper side top cap, extend the forks and refit or would this see me spraying oil all over the place?

    Wow! Isn’t that a lot of question marks? 😉

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    Well, removing the top cap on the damper side and giving the fork a little pump achieved nothing 🙁

    Guess the spring is just a bit shorter than it really needs to be? Perhaps it always has been, perhaps running out of oil in the Alps caused me to squash the spring an excessive amount?

    But the big question is, are they alright to keep riding on?

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