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  • Riding tomorrow so saving my legs. Loafing about today though I am tempted as the rain has stopped.

    Like hoochylala I am finishing the first part of my literature review for my dissertation 😀

    Am aiming to go to Mabie on Monday, maybe.

    Heavy reading. Any of them any good?

    Yep – I can honestly say I have enjoyed all of them apart from 'Wholeness and the Implicate Order" which I have not yet read but will do. I am going to be writing a book about shamanism and will be basing the book on an expanded version of my dissertation. I have been investigating doing a PhD in shamanism but my MSc supervisor said I was better off writing a book in the first instance, so that is my plan of action in October…..


    Pissing it down here and there's nowhere good to ride locally anyway. Might go out quickly on the roads if it stops raining at all.


    Workin from home today so just back in from a wee 10 mile loop via Evans for some Fenwicks and some brake pads. Worky now then clean bike and change pads Sunday for a trail centre outing Monday. All good 😀

    Lovely day here – just back from a 30 mile flatland circuit via the pub.

    Had a 3 hour blast up the Malverns in the pouring rain. It was ace and now I am on here as I can't be arsked to move from the sofa


    because i cant be @rsed. and its chucking it down and its cold. and my shorts are still ripped 🙁


    Got up and did 80+k on the crosser before you started this post.

    Fixed flat tyre
    Swapped forks between bikes (an experiment)
    lubed them
    went for a drive in the hot hatch
    coffee shop
    ripping music and film for my pod
    shredded old documents

    pub later


    I was out working on my trail up in the woods behind my house. Now I'm off to buy some new forks for my bike. Almost the perfect day.


    KINGTUT – Agreed, but as this is a bike thread, on a biking forum on a biking website, used by bikers……


    Good for you old-git


    Like the pic Simonralli2 🙂

    Thing is, I still can't quite come to tell my parents that for the last 2 years I have been drinking one of the world's most potent hallucinogenics, left a well paid job to do my MSc just so i could then go to deepest Peru to write a dissertation about it and then write a book about it………. They seem to think I am doing something with medicinal plants and reiki I think. They'll read the dissertation and then I think it may sink in. It will be quite a hardcore dissertation and not leave out the terrors, the filth and the mental anguish one goes through. I've kind of tried to tell them but I don't think it's ever really registered.


    Now; At the table drinking some booze with Lappy trying to drown out my wife and her mate.

    Earlier buying Bday Pressies for upcoming 2 yr old's Big day

    Tomorrow. 2 kids parties (woohoo ?) and a big kid's party in the eve

    Monday ; Out with family..dinner etc

    Tuesday: Work

    oh well, the local trails are probably sloppy anyway

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    it's dark and my battery needs charging

Viewing 18 posts - 41 through 58 (of 58 total)

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