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    When we could be out riding..

    How do you know we could be out riding?


    Some of us are at work, anyway already ridden 20 miles this morning and another 20 to ride home. Can't wait.


    I'm at work unfortunately.


    If only. Dissertation is the only way im spending my Easter 🙁


    I to have commuted to work which was nice with the complete lack of traffic. 😀

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Still at work here. 😡

    The intense pace of cutting edge pneumatics continues, even on Good Friday.

    Premier Icon acorlett

    At work with a bike in the shop and a weekend with the family planned. Boohoo.

    Just back from my 50 mile training ride, don't plan on doing much more today. Aren't Bank Holidays great!



    Was at work, walked home in torrential rain, soaked so don't feel like getting more wet.

    Going to do some tinkering instead – I find that almost as much fun


    Well I think if i can't offer up a decent answer to my own question, then there's only one thing to do…

    I am at work today, but a week tomorrow I will be going to Dalbeattie for the week. 8)

    Have been out already…cracking day in Edinburgh today, sun is shining, not too hot, slight dampness to the trails 😀

    Watching the Charlie Brooker back catalogue and it's p!ssin it down outside.

    Got myself a nice fresh coffee and toasted hot cross buns with black cherry jam on. 😀


    Work to do, weather's sh1te, and i've got an injury to me thumb. 🙁

    I'm sitting watching a bunch of roadies coming out of a house opposite, loading some classy looking bikes into the backs of cars, and buggering off for a nice weekend's riding somewhere. Bastards.


    Aren't Bank Holidays great!

    Not really, I'd much rather be off when civilians are back at work.

    falkirk-mark where are you staying? I'm staying at Sandyhills that same week. If you see me out on the trails on a black singlespeed with chrome forks then say hello.

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    I am going out the door right now… 😀

    Snowboard though, not the bike just yet. 2 weeks ago, I'd have said I'd have been out on a few bike rides by now, but winter has come back big-time!


    It's absolutly p!!!!!!!!!!!!!sssing down out there! 🙄


    bike is broken, gonna spend my day stripping it down to sell. 🙁
    new bike will hopefully be here next week 😀


    Still recovering from gastro bug, back on the bike next week.


    Spent the morning with my newborn daughter, just swam 50 lengths of the pool, family outing this afternoon.

    There is more to life than riding bikes.


    fecked my knee up so cant ride atm and need to tidy my place up and need to go to b&Q and then see the gf..
    i'm so behind on all of that..

    Premier Icon Coyote

    Already been out. It's blowing a gale and freezing cold.

    Nipped out yesterday despite feeling rubbish. Was hoping to get out this morning but still felt lousy and I have no energy; plus it's chucking it down. Hopefully get out tomorrow for the usual Saturday road ride and then see what the weather decides to dish up on Monday. Ironically Sunday looks OK weather-wise but have family meal to attend.

    Premier Icon pedalhead

    I'm looking after the children today. Riding tomorrow 🙂

    Premier Icon ton

    i am poorly. full of septic boils. and rugby is on all weekend.


    at work

    rode 6 miles to work this morning and 100mile ride to the parents planned at 17:00 hours


    When we could be out riding…

    Just back from a 3+ hour workout around and about Lee Quarry. A great way to expunge the week of work 🙂

    Blown thru my shock though 🙁 now rides like a bouncy castle all the time…
    …wonder if its covered by warranty (?sp).

    Sunday plans in hand 🙂



    Working and pishing cats n dogs outside!

    I'm in Baghdad. Precious little riding to be had, and it's 37 degrees out there at the moment. I'll stay in my air conditioned tent on here if it's alright with you.


    Waiting to find out where and when I'm picking the gf up from after her flight back from Indonesia was cocked up.
    I should've been out on my bike in N.Wales this afternoon.

    Premier Icon nuke

    Been out for a couple of hours over Leith Hill…timed it badly and got drenched but it's all good.
    Really brightened up now 🙄


    To be honest, can't be f**ked.

    rode 6 miles to work this morning and 100mile ride to the parents planned at 17:00 hours

    100 miles starting at 5pm in this light and weather, respect due.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    I'm assembling two 19th century armoire.

    Tomorrow, however, I am doing this…

    Ronde van Oost Lancashire


    weather – its glorious sunshine here – and there – snow has all but **** off

    making the most of the miles now – just found out 20 mins ago my next 2 seasons racing is up the swanny …

    mid june – off to houston – mid july off to houston – september 4 months in eg then a further month in california . – endless summer but zero cycling !


    because my bike's sat in the back of a parcelforce van,waiting to be delivered on tuesday.

    I'm just back from work but despite the weather being sunny, dry, and crisp, I'm just too sh***ed from physical effort of deliverin' your post to go out immediately -I'd blow up in about 40 minutes.
    so, a wee chill out, talking to you dafties, and I'll go out later…

    Premier Icon Northwind

    It's cold and everything's covered in half melted snow so I'm having a day off. Might go out for a quick road thrash though or just go rattling up and down flights of steps and stuff at the local school, just to get the legs moving


    still working.


    Looking after my daughter while my missus is at work.
    I also crashed last sunday so not sure about my leg yet

    Riding tomorrow so saving my legs. Loafing about today though I am tempted as the rain has stopped.

    Like hoochylala I am finishing the first part of my literature review for my dissertation 😀

    Am aiming to go to Mabie on Monday, maybe.

    Heavy reading. Any of them any good?

    Yep – I can honestly say I have enjoyed all of them apart from 'Wholeness and the Implicate Order" which I have not yet read but will do. I am going to be writing a book about shamanism and will be basing the book on an expanded version of my dissertation. I have been investigating doing a PhD in shamanism but my MSc supervisor said I was better off writing a book in the first instance, so that is my plan of action in October…..


    Pissing it down here and there's nowhere good to ride locally anyway. Might go out quickly on the roads if it stops raining at all.

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