Why are some cyclists so aggressive?

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  • Why are some cyclists so aggressive?
  • IanW

    Suspect them being a cyclist is largely as relavant as them being a black, socialist muslim lesbian on benefits, namely not at all.
    They get angry because like some drivers and some pedestrians a percentage are thick, ignorant, unhappy whatever to takes to make you rude.

    Not sure if the physical effort required in cycling brings it a little closer to the surface though., possibly?


    I don’t doubt that what you saw was a poor advert for clubs and does nothing to build relations between drivers and cyclists. However, the reaction seems a little extreem for a driver just not moving off promptly so I expect that there was a previous interaction with the car driver that you didn’t see. It would not be the first time that a driver had done something silly or dangerous in the vicinity of cyclists and then had the missfortune to catch a red at the next set of traffic lights and have the cyclists catch up.

    I blame Strava.


    Im a calm guy and never had many problems in my life but since becoming a roadie (only since september 2012) ive found my temper getting very very short with car/van drivers that seem to cut me up daily, like the **** that over take me seconds before forcing me to slam the brakes on and unclip cos they want to park in a space i was about to go past.

    Dont these dikc haeds know im almost KOM

    One day im gonna wrap my bike round someones head, at least it will give me a reason to buy a new bike!


    To all those making sweeping generalisations about Londoners & roadies, sort yourselves out, it just comes across as mindless prejudice


    I witness a bloke breaking in to a car, call the Police. 20 minutes later the Police ring back saying they have caught a suspect, and ask me to describe him.

    I think carefully, can I tell then he only had one leg and was wearing a kappa tracksuit, or is that discrimination against disabled people and chavs?

    All the OP did was pick out a distinguishing feature of one of the culprits.

    The behaviour though is just pack mentality, you see it at trails centres when people turn up with all their chums.

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Viewing 7 posts - 81 through 87 (of 87 total)

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