Why are MTB'ers nearly always a bit tubby?

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  • Why are MTB'ers nearly always a bit tubby?
  • Kevevs

    "You very rarly get any overweight roadies though"

    very funny.


    How about that bloke going up the Orme, Kev? He looked a little portly, din't he?

    I wooduv done him, If I was on my road bike.


    because of cycling I have to go up a trouser size due to my muscley legs and posterior
    …and my gut


    I think the original post is miles off over the last year I've ridden with 16 different people and all of them are completely normal weight wise.
    Plenty of big guys ride but big isn't fat is it? I love the idea of a 9 stone man, bless, like a little jockey I'd want to take him home and put him in my garden with a fishing rod.


    I ride with a couple of bigger guys, yet they are pretty decent on technical stuff, just blow out of their arse on climbs.

    Doesnt make them worse people though, I have a good laugh with them. If I want to whip round a route ill either go on my own or with skinny arse whippets like myself.

    Premier Icon StefMcDef

    If I ride my bike anywhere near regularly, I tend to lose weight.

    When I don't, I put on weight.

    Amazing but true.


    5 pints of fizzy lager and pork scratchings.

    I ride with 2 pals who are years younger than me, One is 22yrs younger and the 17 years younger.
    The guy 22 years younger does not have an ounce of fat on him – he also does a fair bit of jogging – he rides a lightish bike and he is whippet fast over all sorts of territory.
    The guy who is 17 years younger is of a more portly stature – he rides a mid weight bike and is fast on singletrack but suffers going upwards.
    I am too short for my weight – I get out regularly – I ride a mid weight bike and dont seem to suffer going up hill as much as the 17 year younger person, My long term stamina is higher than both the above – however I would rather be the same frame as rider who is 22 years younger – I think the correct term is just get out and ride as often as possible – its not just about body fitness – its about having a healthy mind as well


    Wasn't there some research recently that showed that being overweight but physically active is much better for you than being normal weight but not active? Most people I know are probably less chubby than me, but do FAR less exercise.

    SpokesCycles – do you let your overweight customers know about your contempt for them? I don't think you are doing your business any favours with your attitude on here. You sound a little up yourself at times.


    Some tubby mountain bikers a week yesterday:

    Nom nom nom nom.


    Fat biffers on bikes are an embarrassment, and should only be allowed out after darkness falls!

    Rocky Robin

    George Foreman was a fat boxer but a good one!

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