Why are modern cheap Frisbees so rubbish?

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  • Why are modern cheap Frisbees so rubbish?
  • I have never bought a ‘decent’ frisbee, but over the years have had many that flew well, but I have now bought 5 in the last 12 months for the puppy to chase and every one flips over or on to its side after 5-10 meters πŸ™

    Anyone got any buying hints/tips?

    Disc Craft Ultra Star 175gm.


    Discraft Ultra-Star 175-gram sportdisc

    not fast enough!

    CFH I think you live closish to me, is there anywhere to get them in Salisbury?

    Ahem. πŸ™„


    Salisbury? I think Eadie on Catherine Street do them. Will be in town tomorrow, can have a look if you’d like.

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    My family have banned me from using “any flying toy” or “throwing any non-flying toy”.
    There were a series of incidents where someone managed to get an Aerobie, football, tennis ball, baseball bat and a cricket bat stuck in a tree one Saturday afternoon. Some children cried.
    The following Saturday we went back to the same park with a new Aerobie frisbee and on someone’s first throw the new frisbee got stuck on the cafe roof. Some children cried again.
    Ban justified.

    CFH thanks, but I can probably pop in to town if needed and I see that they sell them in Argos so if Eadie doesn’t I can pop there instead πŸ™‚

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    Always thought the Aerobie Superdisc was pretty damn good.

    but I have now bought 5 in the last 12 months for the puppy to chase and every one flips over or on to its side after 5-10 meters

    <STW> Have you considered going on a skills course? πŸ™‚ </STW>

    That Ultrastar does look good, though.


    I find you can usually trust a Wham-O…

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    The aerobie rings are ace, fact. Fly for miles and tough as old boots. Had one for a few years before it succumb to dogs playing tug of war with it.

    Worth every penny and will fly for miles which the dog loves. Can also be popped over the head and carried like that with no bother.

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    The guy who invented the modern frisbee , when he passed away was cremated and had his ashes put into frisbees to give to family and friends …!

    Or to pass to strangers/dogs standing 50 yards to the right or left.


    The aerobie rings are ace, fact. Fly for miles and tough as old boots

    Trained our dog to retrieve an aerobie. The smaller size is better in my opinion. But they aren’t tough in a dog’s mouth – dogs need to be trained not to chew them! Fantastic devices. Conventional frisbees need a little more skill and have a far shorter range. Just not the same.

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    if you want a good disc that will fly properly you need an Ultra Star 175gm, however dog teeth mess them up pretty quickly so if you check http://www.catchthespirit.co.uk they sell dog specific discs.

    I bought the Pluto Platter a few years back, still going strong

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    But they aren’t tough in a dog’s mouth

    We do have a lab so a very soft bite.

    We have 2 in our house – one for the dogs, one for the grown-ups.


    I buy these, they are great.

    Interesting fact* – They will hold 3 pints exactly.

    *May not be that interesting.

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    i can confirm they can hold 3 pints, and 2 people using McDonald Straws can drink it in under 20 secs.
    although my personal record was 25.2 (i think)


    Got a bunch of Frisbees of varying sizes, haven’t thrown one for years. Used to be able to do backhand throws, and thumb flicks, but I haven’t really got the knack now.
    Or the knees, for that matter; developing osteoarthritis in my left knee means a certain reluctance to go running after flying discs.
    Used to be a lot of fun playing catch with a girlfriend in the dark using a luminous Frisbee; almost impossible to gauge distance properly, however her getting hit on the nose after a fumbled catch earned me a hard punch on the arm!
    Oh, and I’m not sure that cheap Frisbee knock-offs were ever that good, they were always a bit unbalanced and would wobble after a few feet.

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    I have always and will always buy these. YMMV.
    Whamo-o Frisbee Fastback (sometimes called Frisbee Dog).

    I just find them a doddle to throw and they are amazingly consistent.
    They have a shallower edge than most which makes them super-easy to fling.

    Whenever I buy a different one, I always come back to these.

    My current fave is a recycled one called the 110g reflyer:

    They can appear hard to find in the UK because they are often called different things, but worth hunting down.

    +1 for the Aerobie Superdisc!

    Super easy to throw well.

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