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  • Why am I not enjoying the Dark side?
  • I should add most of mine are short, so the efforts are anaerobic

    I have anaerobic efforts on the road which are totally do-able. Either you aren’t pushing hard enough, or you are tired and can’t get anaerobic (which i have recently experienced) in which case its time to give up and go home to rest! There’s often a big difference between how hard you are willing to push in training vs a race IME.

    define fun. Some people enjoy racing.

    Here here! I live for my weekends filled with racing atm, its such a buzz. 8) Except possibly Sunday’s race…just an ordinary 112km race in city centre Glasgow with Olympic medalists and me…. 😯 😯

    Also, OP, +1 for night riding on the road, its totally different and a lot of fun.

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    Yep, but I bet they don’t ONLY train on road.

    Actually, the majority of their time is spent on the road, because training of the type they need is best achieved that way.

    I had a really good chat with Oli Beckingsale about it recently.

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    Road generally means longer hills that are less steep

    Big ring, stand up, go till you can’t go any more, that’s my take on it, but I know what you mean, it’s a load easier to do that off road.

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    Either you aren’t pushing hard enough

    Clearly, it’s all just pedalling in theory, but what I am saying is that it’s easier (in my experience) to get better short term efforts in on my local trails than on roads. MTB is a slightly different physical challenge imo.


    The way I see it is that road = exercise and mtb = fun. If I didnt need to lose weight or didn’t feel like improving/maintaining my fitness I probably wouldn’t bother with a road bike. Dont find it particularly fun but its the funnest type of “fitness” exercise that I can stick to, and more fun than riding mtb locally. Sometimes it is really nice to go for a long road ride on a still, sunny day though 🙂

    Tbh I am just happy riding bikes and a road bike lets me get outside, get my bike fix for the day and burn off some energy without having to drive to the nearest half decent trails.

Viewing 5 posts - 121 through 125 (of 125 total)

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