Who's to blame? Bike user or bike Mechanic?

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  • Who's to blame? Bike user or bike Mechanic?
  • bigrich

    Did the chain go down the back of the cassette I.e between it and the spokes?


    Sanity / Tazzy: I saw Ed Allen Johnson (sp?) busking in York last weekend. Gave him a quid for Vagabonds

    **** me is he still busking? last time I saw him was some awful promotion for stuff he was doing with his wife/partner which was really rather poor, nice violin screechy nasal voice 😕

    Premier Icon psling

    I wouldn't mind betting that if you asked on here how a QR should be correctly used then you'd get several differing opinions on how exactly they should be done up. So, if the collective experts of STW cannot agree on correct usage of QRs then it is reasonable for a 'newbie' or mechanically inept person to not know.
    Mechanic at error IMO (but, a professional (ie paid) guide would make checking the bikes over part of the procedure before a group ride which would have picked up the problem before the ride started).

    i had a hope front disc installed by a lbs, i could not order a left hand pull one from hope myself. it had to be through a lbs in wgc.

    rode the bike home, brake rub; caliper was not tightened at all, finger tight. said bike had a £125 front wheel, £200 pace rigids, lu cky it did not foul up.

    said wgc lbs also installed pace forks with a hope headset. i had ordered the forks from pace as factory seconds(cosmetic marks to crown). all delivered in box mint. forks came back with peg for stopping wheel drop out broken off and a rushed payment……..

    same lbs has lost its dealership for special…… bikes so i hear.

    and you wonder why the internet bike shops are doing so well……………


    come again?


    Ironically for the first time ever I had a rear q/r come loose last night, thought it was bearing. Never since I started riding in Black and White has that ever happened.

    my point is that supposedley good bike shops are failing in service to quite an alarming degree

    Premier Icon Woody

    @Hamish – thats why I was organising as I can fix most things that go bang and get the beginners home at least.

    As psling said +1

    It is a must before every ride to check all q/r's, bars/headset and brakes. Common sense really.

Viewing 8 posts - 81 through 88 (of 88 total)

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