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    roverpig – Member
    Ok, that makes sense, thanks and I guess there must be some people who like grey.

    All my bikes are mud coloured regardless of the paint colour. ๐Ÿ™‚


    I’ve had my Kobe Ti for 8? 9? years now, can’t see myself getting rid of it. Just got a new fork for it, should keep it going for another 4-5 more years ๐Ÿ™‚

    Premier Icon adsh

    My A La Carte brings a smile to my face every time I look at it.

    I reach a half century in 2 months (fingers crossed) and have some savings that would let me spring for a Seven Cycles Soda SLX but the money is sooo much more it would have to be pretty special…

    Before you all comment about my seatpost height I have long legs ;-P

    Kona Hei Hei, had it 14 years, wished I’d never sold it

    2008_0506_183833AA by South Downs MTB Skills, on Flickr

    Cove Hummer, been though a few guises, don’t ride it that much, but will never sell it

    Cove Hummer by South Downs MTB Skills, on Flickr

    Kinesis Sync, the one I ride most of the time

    Angmering Park Gibbet Post by South Downs MTB Skills, on Flickr

    Kinesis Tripster ATR, awaiting my size to come into stock, then it will be mine…..

    Can’t wait

    DSC02575 by South Downs MTB Skills, on Flickr

    Premier Icon Northwind

    roverpig – Member

    Why are they always grey? Are they hard to paint or is it just to make sure everybody knows it’s Ti?

    What’s lighter than paint? Not paint ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My garage is really boring though, I went from a bright yellow Mmmbop via a black C456 to a grey Ragley Ti covered with well worn black bits that have turned grey, the john major of bikes. It’s like having your own instagram filter.

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    I’ve had a few over the years – an early 2000’s Litespeed road frame was my first and I like it a lot but that got swapped out for a number of carbon road frames in the ensuing years. I had a Rock Lobster Ti mountain bike frame that I never really did justice around the same time, then apart from really wanting an early Ti456, never gave Ti much more thought.

    Roll on a fair few years… loving my alloy Tripster, it was an easy choice to put my name down for one of the first Ti versions last summer and it’s been a hoot ever since. Just done 50 odd miles on it today, roads, lanes, tracks, bridleways – an absolute blast.

    I had a Mk1 Ti456 for a while; the steel ones were one of my favourite hardtails and the ti version was very nice indeed, though not 6x as special if I’m honest.

    I have no yearnings for another carbon roadbike at the moment, I’d happily stick a steel hardtail in the garage (alongside the alloy full suss that gets used from time to time) if we’re talking about choosing frame materials, but the Tripster ATR for me is the ultimate bike. It’s like bikes were when we were kids – you didn’t go to your dad’s garage and choose from a quiver of bikes, you just got your bike out and went for a ride. And you rode the same bike in the woods, down the BMX track, round the roads, on the beach…

    The Tripster’s like that and the fact that it’s titanium means it rides like a dream, it’s lightweight, comfy, fast, looks purdy… A proper bicycle (and a bloody site nicer than the one I had when I was about ten too!) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    What size/year is your Soda Northwind? Could be interested if you do decide to get rid.


    Been riding this for 12 years or more –

    That tinbred looks well appointed, nice!

    Lovin’ the Kona!

    Premier Icon mattjg

    have always wanted a ti HT, if there was a ti frame in Yelli Screamy geometry I’d have it for breakfast. (perhaps a tiny bit shorter in TT please).

    a buddy has a Sync and likes much, tho took a while to get with it. I didn’t warm to it on my first go, it’s a lot more flighty than I expected for a ‘trail bike’, but I’d really like to revisit it.

    ti bikes are gorgeous. or leastways, it takes a true talent to make an ugly one. The Lynskey with the twisted down tube achieves it tho.


    Had a Rocky Mountain Ti-Bolt for 12 years before someone broke into my house and nicked it.

    Bought a 1997 19″ Kona Hei Hei King Kahuna to replace it but it’s just a bit too small, am selling it if anyones interested, it’s in amazing condition.

    <img src=”https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2934/13964766962_f3c73330e9.jpg&#8221; width=”500″ height=”383″ alt=”HeiHei”>

    Sorry for the hatchet job posting an image, really just haven’t got the patience to figure out how to embed it properly…

    b r

    My 456Ti Mk1.5 (Lynskey plus brake ‘pipe’) is now in it’s 6th year – ridden 2-3 per week. Pretty much destroyed every component attached to it, more than once, except for stem spacers and front mech.

    Love it.

    Premier Icon brassneck

    On an original Ti456 at the moment, nicest hardtail I’ve ever owned, and being fairly slack it’s as fast downhill with me on it as I was on a full suss.

    Love it but will be moving it on when I’ve saved enough for a 29C, as it just suits where I ride 99% of the time better.. don’t really need 150mm forks ๐Ÿ™‚


    Another Ti Sync owner here, I absolutely love it, stunning bike to ride and look at.


    it’s a lot more flighty than I expected

    I know what you mean, the geo does sit you forward (as the late great Steve Worland mentioned in his ST review, a great review btw, issue 84 if you’ve not read it) I’ve changed to wider strut bars and shorter stem and it’s transformed the ride no end, it’s still very lively but I feel more confident, I’ve also lost the dropper and gone for a carbon post, the ride is very smooth for a HT, my other ride is a 140 AM, but the Sync is my go to bike though.

    Premier Icon mattjg

    Agree it’s gorgeous. I need some more ride time on one really, my immediate impression on a quick go was it was much more different in handling to my Yelli Screamy than I expected for a ‘trail’ bike. But that’s hardly a fully rounded test.

    I absolutely want to want one!

    Dialled – Morning Glory (took me nerly a year to get Bubba to post it from Canuckia, goddamn stoner ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Dialled – Kobe Ti (on second as first was nicked)
    Titus Fireline

    I’ve really liked all of them except the Fireline. Then again I haven’t built it yet ๐Ÿ˜‰ TBH I got it in their sale after Xmas because I got on with the Scandal and the swoopy TT reminded me of the Kobe.

    Not re-built the Kobe yet as have been enjoying other bikes and wheel sizes. Seeing all these pics makes me want to build it and the Tinbred back up.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    I kind of like ti – this one rides nicely.

    Premier Icon Alex

    [url=https://flic.kr/p/541adj]Bikey Things (4 of 12)[/url] by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    I had my hummer for over five years (which for me is a lifetime!). Probably did close to 10,000km on it and had a few trips to Spain etc. Rode it all over the UK as well and loved it. Then I bought a FS frame which was longer, lowers and slacker. Rebuilt the Cove with nice bits but it never felt right after that.

    Sold on. Still going – or was a year ago. I’d not considered another Ti until I saw the Sync in one of the local LBS’s. It’d be a very expensive replacement for my Solaris tho…

    And that Tripster is lovely. Really lovely. Wish I hadn’t seen it. And I don’t even like road bikes!

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Look what arrived yesterday…

    Look what the AJG man delivered today[/url] by ScotRoutes, on Flickr

    Premier Icon doom_mountain

    I had a Soda which I loved, was my only bike for years.
    Unfortunately it broke, I bought a steel frame, which pedals and descends better.
    The Soda was prettier tho…. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I don’t think I’d buy a Ti frame again, in terms of ride quality, I think good steel is not far off and you can spend the difference on better parts.
    My steel frame has exactly the same parts as the Soda used to run, the weight difference is pretty small.


    Im still loving my Ti Hummer, no plans to do anything but ride it


    I had a Charge Duster Ti for many years which I did a lot of riding on and it never let me down. Three of my mates had the same frames and no-one ever broke one or heard of anyone who had.
    I loved it and only sold it because I wasn’t riding much any more and needed the money for my house renovation.
    I fully expect to own another Ti frame some day.

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