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  • Who's stormed out of a gig then?
  • tymbian

    Left a Santana gig in Stuttgart half way through…very dissapointing Live.

    Would of left a Bob Dylan gig in Brum a few years ago if I hadn’t been driven there..OH fell asleep. Seems like he tried to put a modern beat to his old Classics Borderline fraud

    On a different note, a few years ago OH and I were going to a Gig in London ( to see Rammstein I think ) and thought we’d pass on the Warm-up band but arrived to catch the Last 2 or 3 ‘ songs ‘. Wish we’d seen them from the beginning. They were Apocalyptica…just 4 cellos playing some cool Rock… Seen them at Download since..


    Chemical Brothers – was really looking forward to them, but they did nothing for me live.


    Stiff Little Fingers in that there London about 2 yrs ago.

    They were awful, you really shoudnt meet your heroes. Although having said that I saw Big Audio Dynamite about 3 months later & they were brilliant, Mick can still carry a tune!


    I too have fallen asleep…. Stranglers at Southampton Gaumont (as it was then), circa 1979 ish. I remember them being truly up their own a-holes.


    fell asleep somewhere in the front few rows during Eminem’s set at Reading one year, I slept soundly through that and then through Marilyn Manson..

    like a hamster

    a hamster wearing nothing but underpants and a liberal coating of dayglo paint

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    A mate of mine left Woodstock early , before Hendrix was on because he wanted to avoid the traffic congestion .

    😯 FFS had he never heard of him???


    Left a TAFKAP era Prince Gig at London Arena (I think) as he was just jamming with the band (badly) and refused to play anything that sounded like a song, let alone one you might have heard of. Most of the audience were sitting down after about 5 minutes, and half had left by 30 minutes in.

    Only other time was at a local heavy metal pub (Stick of Rock in Bethnal Green if anyone remembers it)where the lead singer was a girl in her teens who couldn’t sing in tune to save her life. The backing band (all men in their 40s) were great – I reckon one of them was her dad trying to give her a break, but she was so awful it hurt my ears.


    Blink 182 at Reading festival a few years ago.
    Used to love them as a kid but they were terrible live. Drony and played all the depressing songs. Rubbish set! I ended up in a odd/enterainting rave watching Roots Manuva instead. Great fun.

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