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  • Premier Icon salsaboy

    Me, in fact I have the top three coolest singlespeeders in the county of Lincolnshire.


    cant be that cool if your not willing to post pics salsa boy 🙂

    A few (not much better) photos.
    2008 Jim Kish with Igleheart forks…stainless Paragon sliders.
    Nice detailing on the forks.
    Just need to tinker with a different stem, cut down the steerer and some silver spacers.
    (Sorry Sadexpunk 😉 way too long top tube anyway) 😆

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    Does this count?

    Premier Icon Stoner

    Mine’s very cool. It can fly!


    GeeZed Junior’s Commencal Absolut singlespeed build project. He’s very proud of his first bike build and rightly so. I might not want to ride it, but it looks great.

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    Well with votes from Richc and Racing_Ralph I decalre myself the winner – what do I win? 😀


    LOL @ RudeBoy’s bike. Well, the stem primarily! “Rider to Handlebars, Rider to handlebars, come in Handlebars, over”

    “What’s that rider, over”

    “Hello handlebars, I need to make a left hand turn about a mile up the road, how does that work for you? Over”

    “Will see what we can do rider, but I’m not promising anything! Over and Out”

    Sorry, PMSL here. I’m sure it’s comfy


    It’s funny, because it’s true!!!

    21.5″ Top tube, coupled with a 120mm stem! Old school geometry!

    Plus that stem is Titanium, and only has single bolts, Stupidly light, but very noodly. Gives a fair bit of shock absorption, though. The original forks were also titanium; Christ, they were flexier than a flexy thing, even with little me on them!

    The bike actually handles ok, really. Quite stable. To think I used to ride that off-road! How times have changed!

    I love that bike. That’s my ride home from the pub, when everyone else is waiting in the cold for the night bus.

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    I’m not sure how ‘cool’ it is, but I’m getting so much fun out of my singlespeed at the moment.

    I’ve just put some new Hope Pro II SS hubbed, 321 disc rimmed wheels on, and some chunky but light Conti Race King 2.2 tyres that seem to work quite well, though may be a bit more fun in the summer than the gloop right now.

    This is just a phone pic from today’s 17.5 mile ride in the hills – when I say ride, I actually mean I pushed up that hill, but it was a nice bike to push…

    BTW – it’s a Rock Lobster Team Ti, running 34 / 16.

    Premier Icon mboy

    21.5″ Top tube, coupled with a 120mm stem! Old school geometry!


    You sure mate? I’d get your tape measure out again. There’s no way that’s only a 120mm!


    I’ve measured it! It’s 120mm!

    Looks longer because it’s skinny.

Viewing 13 posts - 81 through 93 (of 93 total)

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