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  • who's going riding on christmas day?
  • racefaceec90

    as i have no family (don’t celebrate christmas either bah humbug e.t.c 😉 i am going to take advantage of the quiet roads on xmas day (and go for a nice road ride 🙂 to avebury/marlbrough/pewsey then back to devizes. EVEN IF IT RAINS! 😯

    anyone else riding on crimbo day?

    I’ll be going out for a quick play on some fun bits- think super drifty corners and some steep stuff. 🙂


    Usually do, but not this year.
    1st one with our little boy (10 months old) so it’s going to be a very exciting day!..
    for me at least 😉


    I’ll be out for most of the day 😀


    I’ll be out on the road bike for a bit, filling in that gap in the day between presents and Christmas dinner

    Premier Icon steveh

    My missus is at work so I’ve got most of the day to fill. Some dh or xc somewhere is a definite.


    Yep, looking forward to enjoying hopefully quiet trails whilst everyone else ‘goes about their business’…. 8)


    I’ll be out either walking or riding.

    There’s a missing dog in the area so I will probably stick in some miles up there having a scout about for it.


    only day this week i plan not to be on a bike to be honest!

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    my self and the OH are riding to my parents for drinks then home for xmas dinner 🙂

    Boxing day morning ride for me, with a stove for a nice coffee up on the hill.

    Christmas day is way to busy to get out.


    First time for 26 years will be down the Forest Of Dean should beable to park in the car park for a change not miles up the fire road 😆

    Premier Icon boriselbrus

    Yup, I’ll be out. Bugger all else to do…

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Few hours on the South Downs in the am as my wife is working.

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    Traditional innit?


    Hopefully from now on.Never had a chance before 😉


    Will be out early as usual for a blast. Weather looks good too.

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    Always – it’s become a fixture for me in recent years. I tend to ride on my own more often than not anyway, but my pre dawn ride on Christmas Day has become real quality, grateful time for me. I’m looking forward to it this year even more than I have in the last few years for a number of reasons. I’ll be back in time to put the oven on for breakfast with my lovely wife.

    Premier Icon sparkyrhino

    If i survive tomorrows club chrimbo eve ride,me and my hip flask of Paddys plan to tear around my fave cheeky routes on chrimbo Am/Pm.Going to chrimbo dinner with folks on boxing day so nothing better to do.


    Walk on the hills with the dog in the morning, road ride in the afternoon 🙂

    Head home when it’s dark for a long hot bath, mulled wine and Christmas dinner in the evening. I’ve never understood why everyone spends the daylight hours inside cooking and eating, when you could go out to play!

    Would love to but if i even mentioned it there would be hell on in the smith household!!! those who are lucky enough to get out ,enjoy!!!


    racefaceec90 – Ah, a Devizes man, thought so from the picture of your bike with the locks in the background on t’other thread. Walked down there in the summer y’see.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    If the weather’s nice in the morning I will be- we’ll have a gap between family arriving so why not.

    Premier Icon thorlz

    as per smiththemainman, just change the names

    Edric 64

    I will have a quick early morning ride before departing to the outlaws for lunch


    I’ll be doing a road ride from here over to Macc and back.


    Probably head out for a long run after opening presents.

    Premier Icon paulmgreen

    Yes I’ll deffo be out for 1-2 hours.


    A good game to play to christmas day rides, mid afternoon,

    award yourself points for loving couples, double points for rowing couples,

    points for dogs with huge christmas leftover poohs,

    men in badly fitting christmas jeans, double points if they have a totally gross jumper or jacket,

    points for if they have a christmas scarf, even if its warm,

    points for old people waliking with their families,

    triple points if you see families waving kids or parents off and they say , thank god theyve gone,


    Will be out for the usual local 10 miler.
    Its usually very quiet.Few walkers out and about.

    Op: if I was in your shoes I’d do exactly the same. In fact I’d join you as I think we live fairly near! But by guests would not be impressed. Have a good ride. Merry ba humbug!


    Junior’s getting a dropper post so we’ll need to get out to try it out.


    boxing day

    Same situation for me as Racefaceec90, so the upside is i spend xmas hols on the Dawg checking out new places (for me, anyway). Last year it was FoD/Malverns and am now in Llanberis after done Snowdon today with (hopefully) Betws y Coed and Penmachno in the offing.


    Yeah, i’m going out on the road for 3-4 hours with a mate, he’ll probably cancel though as he has a young family but thats fine, back to work on boxing day so gotta get the miles in when i can!


    Couple hours before heading up to the outlaws for lunch until the day after boxing day.


    well, im on call and the family are all away so i will be either riding or trail building on christmas and boxing day. I just hope i don’t actually have to do any callouts.

    Roter Stern

    Nah! I’ll be on the snowboard, innit?


    allthepies yes i do live in that devizes 😉

    buzz_lighyear would’ve be happy to ride with you,but i am slower than a snail on a bike (seriously 😳 am expecting the ride to take me a good 4-5 hours i reckon (will be pootling/looking at scenery/taking pics e.t.c 🙂

    merry humbug to you (and everyone else 🙂

    Yup, will be out in Malvern for a few hours.

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