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  • Who’s done the Monte Blanc tour?
  • snoopdog

    This has been described in magazines as "the ultimate Alpine loop". Those of you who have done it what advice can you give, what levels of fitness are required and what bike got you around?

    I’m thinking of doing it this year but need to know whether to take a HT or FS (5" 31lbs) and just what i’m letting myself in for….

    Premier Icon wormhole

    do you mean this one?
    have done the C2Z with them and hope to do the roam in rhone later this year, the C2Z was tough and some longish days but the riding was just awsome. you need a decent level of fitness to crack it and a decent full sus is a must imo, i used an orange 5. got to say that Jamie is a really good guide and it was a real blast….go for it.


    Havn’t done it with those guys, but did it with these people http://www.alpsmountainbike.com last summer. Fantastic riding with very little carrying as we deviated from the "proper" route to make the most of the riding. 6 days, 135miles & 10,000m of climbing.

    I rode my Hummer, which was mostly fine but a full suss would have been more suitable & enabled me to enjoy some of the faster descents more.

    You’re riding for around 5-6 hrs a day (plus stops for lunch & things) & when climbing it’s usually 1-2hrs in the granny ring – decent level of fitness needed to really enjoy it.


    I did it 2 years ago on my tod.

    "Total of 175Km over the three days, moving time 22’52", giving a staggering average speed of 7.7kph.

    Summary, a great route, which I walked anti-clockwise some 20 years ago. There’s plenty of road, though don’t underestimate the distance or the climbs, it’s a tough ride, though with fantastic scenery."

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3.

    Premier Icon chipps

    I did it last summer. The story was in Singletrack a couple of issues ago. Fantastic trip – some of the most fun and scenic riding I’ve done for yonks. I went with Mont Blanc Mountain Biking


    Was out working in Chamonix last season, you’ll be after a light 5 inch full sus as theres a fair amount of climbing on it, but then some amazing techy descents which a light FS allows you to go nuts on and really enjoy!

    Company that does it as Chipps said is MBMB 😀


    did it a few years ago.awesome trip with mbmb.com
    i always take my hardtail to chamonix if possible

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Another MbMb victim/veteran here. Wouldnt hesitate to do it again…. Used an Attack Trail, Racing Ralphs would help the road sections (800m road climb to Champex before lunch…).

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