Who's doing Margam Madness this weekend?

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  • Who's doing Margam Madness this weekend?
  • Premier Icon wonny j

    It’s promising to be a fantastic sunny day on Saturday for the 3rd Margam Madness event in south wales.

    For the first time the course will be using parts of the xc race track that has been built to attract a round of the nationals and potentially a round of the uci world cup in 2015. Expect fast and steep technical trails.

    Write up and film here

    Would be great to have a few more of the southern xc / gorrick crowd across the bridge. Over here in south wales we tend to suspect you don’t like to travel, but for the flat course Battle on the Beach you turned out in droves, so maybe its the hills you don’t like?! 😉

    4hr / 8hr solo, pair and singlespeed options available.



    I’m coming! slightly worried that living in poole will have effected my climbing legs! soon find out =)



    Niggling thigh strain and 450m climbing per lap doesn’t seem a good mix :(. Pity, I was looking forward to it (and put the granny ring back on!)


    Will be there with the marquee & parts boxes for any suspension issues.

    Will probably do a few laps as well.

    I have entered 4hr Solo, with the weather forecast for the weekend looking good hopefully we will get a few more people supporting this event and entering

    I went to Margam this morning for a recce. The trails are dry and dusty and riding really well. I am not certain if all of the new Black Deer trail is being used; if it, is it will certainly be the toughest, technical xc /endurance course I have ridden. A couple of the black rated descents were really tough steep, rooty and rocky with no easy line, I think I may have been on the wrong bike.

    The rest of Margam was riding as good as it ever has, hopefully I can ride a full lap sometime friday.

    I am sure this weekends racing will be painful and fun in equal measures.

    Premier Icon wonny j

    Yup there is that one very big line/drop that I haven’t ridden yet. No chicken shoot for me on Saturday!

    I hope it is included.

    Then you’re straight into the rock gardens!

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