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  • Who's built their own shed? Advice? Pics?
  • Dorset_Knob

    Ha, just realised the seventh Google link on the topic is back to Singletrack.

    Thread bookmarked.

    Any other comments, though?


    Pretty straight forward to do. I’d recommend using atleast 18mm exterior ply for the walls, roof and floor (if you don’t leave it bare concrete).

    Put up an ‘off the shelf’ one for the OH at the beginiing of the year and had to overlay the 10mm they’d used fo rhte floor.


    I’ve just had one built for me (the cost to erect it was only around £20 so was daft not to really).

    I had mine tailored to my specifications for an extra 10% of the base model cost which was well worth it. Being a ‘tad’ taller than average i’ve now got a Pent roofed shed that i can stand up in properly and i’d recommend the long shelf i had put in along 2 sides for only £15.

    I erected my last shed (from a kit) which slowly went lopsided over the course of a few years. The new one seems a far better quality for not a lot more (around £450 all in for 8ftx6ft).


    We can’t find one for sale like what we want, so I’m thinking of building my own.

    Can’t be too hard can it?

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    Think Mcmoonters the man to talk to about this sorta thing..
    Although haven’t clicked the link up there yet!


    I had one built for me a couple of years ago by a local company in Stourbridge.
    They built it to my design and installed it. It measured 5m x 3m and is about 300mm taller than standard. it has double 900mm wide doors on the front and side and 3 glass windows. The frame is made from 76 x 38 timbers and its clad in 18mm tongue and groove timber. 18mm floor and ceiling too. It cost £800 which I couldnt come close to building my own for. I had it as a workshop for bikes and building a kit car in. Its still not big enough either.



    Think Mcmoonters the man to talk to about this sorta thing..

    Not quite as refined or as practical as Stoner’s but fit for purpose.




    When I was a kid my dad built a shed out of old toilet doors, which used to confuse me as the ladies and gents signs were still on the inside!!

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    My dad and me built mine. 14ftx10ft. Poured concrete to a depth of 12-18″ on top of a DPC.

    While the concrete was wet 2x4s laid flat around the edges with long bolts/screws into the concrete.

    When dry those 2x4s served as the base to build a frame from with 2 by 4s. The interior height is 8 feet to use 8×4 plywood/fibreboard sheets as the interior lining. The outer cladding is tongue and groove planks. There is insulation between outer and inner skins.

    My dad made up oak window frames. 4 windows about 18″ wide x 2 ft high with frosted glass. Small enough and placed high enough it would be very difficult to enter the shed.

    The door is a solid core fire door with 5 lever mortice. Better security than my house door.

    The roof is coated steel sheets. Basically flat but with a slight slope to shed water. Maintainance free for 15 years.

    Other than brushing the outide with wood treatment every couple of years and replacing one window sill I think ther shed will be goopd for another 15 or 20 years.

    Size – It’s 14×10 feet and joins onto a lockup garage with a door through the common wall. Still too small 🙁

    I couldn’t go bigger with the ground layout I have. I’d suggest always going bigger than you think you need – if you have the space.

    Mine currently stores 7 bikes. Beer and brewing kit. All my tools. Loads of books. It has a kitchen counter the full 14 ft length of one wall which served as a cyber cafe for my kids and their friends for several years. Has a couch and a couple of chairs for the kids when they have friends round.

    Sheds? Can’t beat them.

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    I’ve built my own in the past. Including a playhouse for the kids. You can certainly make a better quality shed yourself rather than the rubbish from B&Q. But it will cost more.

    I’ve just had a local shed maker build me one to my design, 12′ x 7′, 2″ x 2″ frame, 19mm ship lap, 1″ floor, £795 delivered and erected. I couldn’t make it myself for that.

    I really should change my username to 2blacksheds. 😆

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