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  • Whose bike is worth more than their car?
  • Edric 64

    My car was 400 quid so its easy to spend more on a bike

    Premier Icon Pook

    My roof rack and box is worth more than my car

    Premier Icon binners

    My heated wing mirrors are worth more than your bikes and car 😀

    I think my wheels are worth more than my car!


    I have four bikes. A tourer, a rodie, a hardtail and a full suss and they’re all worth more than my 14 year old datsun ( which is as reliable as **** )


    My wheels & forks alone are worth more than my car…..


    I’ve at least 2 bikes worth more than my car, I’ve another one probably worth nearly as much as the car, my bike tools are probably worth more than the car too

    a car get’s me around but to me it’s not about status or keeping up with the Joneses

    (car worth £900, the most I’ve ever spent on a car is £1800, do be fair though I’ve done alright with a few old audi’s, a 330i and a few 106/306 gti/rallyes)

    Premier Icon roverpig

    Not any more, but I recently traded in a car and realised that the bike I had been carrying in the car the previous weekend was worth twice as much as the car itself.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I knew if I owned my car long enough it would be worth less than my bike. I now have two bikes individually worth more than it.

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    If I built a new copy of my bike now, with all new components including a new replacement frame, it’d probably cost more than the 2nd-hand sale value of my car.


    Yes… as I don’t own a car.

    But if I did need a car there is no way I would waste the amount of money I have spent on my bike on a car 😀

    Rule 25 all the way!

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Don’t have a car, but if I did, it would cost less than all but 1 of my bikes.

    Premier Icon faustus

    My phone is worth more than my car! Always had an old/cheap/crappy car and a circa £1500 mtb. My insurance excess is usually more than the car is worth. An MOT is the biggest value-adder. But this is how bangeromics works, money not spent on a car is better spent on a bike!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Yep, all but one of my bikes is worth more than my car. I still like it though, it’d be a shame to fill a newer car with mud, bikes and tools, drive it into ditches and fields etc.

    Premier Icon kcal

    £50 according to WBAC.com (a year go, so unlikely to have shot up in price). So, probably any of the bikes would on paper be worth more than that..


    Yup. But its not difficult, I would be lucky to get £500 for my car! 😆

    My bikes have always cost more than my cars.
    It’s the way it should be. 😀
    Unless you can afford a Ferrari.


    Every time I fill my car up with diesel I double its value.

    A 12 year-old Citroen Synergy I drove it to Alpe d’Huez last week with two bikes in the back each worth more than the car. Did nearly 1700 miles and it never missed a beat.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Mine. Bike is worth £200. 😕


    I was at fort bill the other week and outside a newspaper shop was a car with 2 Santa Cruse and a Nukeproof on top. The car was an Audi and I still thing all three bikes were worth more than it 🙂

    I bought my most expensive bike 2nd hand so car had the bigger price at the time of buying.

    Premier Icon nickc

    Went to CyB last weekend with my Shan and a mates Hummer strapped to the boot, probably worth 3 times what the car is worth!

    Depends on which bike. One car and six bikes.

    Oooh, car’s worth about £1k max, but was actually free, bikes new were about £7k. So that’s somewhere between 7x and infinity 🙂

    It’s the way it should be. +1

    Premier Icon aracer

    My shiny “new” car cost me less to buy than my bike (though arguably it’s actually worth more at the moment, though not if I load a couple of bikes in).

    I’ve got a couple of my unicycles which are each worth more than my old car was.


    four out of five are.


    I sold my car and bought new wheels for my new hardtail build last month… I had to put an extra £70 in to afford the wheels!


    Looked on autotrader last night to see how much my car is worth, not good! Put it this way, the bike is worth about a grand more, although the 81k miles and dent in the wing don’t help. 😳


    Monetarily? Definitely
    Practically? ABsolutely 🙂

    Car gets used once a week cos I actually quite like going round Aldi for the family shop.

    Ride the bike to work every day, take the nipper to nursery on a bike.

    I’m amazed that WBAC has offered me £250 for my car though, that’s before they see the state of it after 5 years of bikes squeezing past on the driveway!

    Premier Icon miketually

    Depends how you define ‘worth’ of a bike. Replacement cost, or what you could sell it for?

    I could replace my four bikes (Cotic X, Inbred SS, cargo bike, fixie monstercross) for about £4k, but they’d be worth hardly anything if I sold them.

    We bought a ‘new’ car a month or two ago. It’s a Corolla Verso with 104000 miles on the clock. I suspect it would be cheaper to replace than the bikes 🙂

    Premier Icon njee20

    New cost of bike < new cost of car
    Second hand value of bike > second hand value of car

    As I suspect is the case for virtually everyone. More relevant question I guess is did you pay more for bike or car, when actually it’s still car for me, unless bikes are a collective.


    Same as njee.
    I have 7 bikes and one van.
    If I were to sell I’m sure 6 of the bikes would each fetch more than the van.
    The frame of my posh bike is worth more than the whole van. Actually, when I bought it I had my old car and the rear hub of the bike was worth more than that.

    Premier Icon ads678

    03 Passat Estate, 170k on the clock. My old style Five is probably worth more but my Inbred is probably about on par.

    Car goes like a dream though, took it down to the Pyrenees this summer nearly 1000 miles each way, not a problem. I’d like a new car but I really want to get it to 200k!!

    Yeap. Car probably worth about £1500 – 2k.

    Realistically bike probably worth about the same.

    Isn’t depreciation a b!tch?

    Hah! – I had forgotten about that image. (It’s on my site as it didn’t appear anywhere on the web when I wanted to post it; that’s a photo of it on my wall in the USA)

    I paid a little more for the car, second hand, than my bike cost new but now, a couple of years later, I reckon I could sell the bike for more. If the car hadn’t picked up a couple of dents in that time they’d be about equal in value.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Hell yes.
    SIR.9 carried by a 170k 2002 Mondeo.


    If you added up the total cost of all the cars I’ve ever owned….it still would’nt be as much as my most expensive bike.

    Premier Icon euain

    Definitely- Pivot Mach 5.7 Carbon as opposed to an 02-plate, Civic Type-R with 120k on the clock. Probably wheels and fork worth more than the car :).

    I’ve had the car since new and no plans to replace as I can’t think of anything I want more (for sensible money) – bike is a revelation and can’t see replacing it in a hurry.

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