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  • Whoops! Did I really need that bit?
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    I was down at Glentress for the weekend, and coming back, realised that somewhere in the middle of brake rut hell I must have lost the bottom cover on my Shimano SLX 10sp shifter. I think it’s a M-6000 series? It says Dyno on the top cover, but I can’t see any more information on it.

    Anyway, all my previous experiences with the innards of shifters have involved removing a cover then spending the rest of the day looking for springs screws and doodahs that instantly leapt from the magical clockwork internals. This doesn’t seem to have happened in this case, but will it?

    I’ve ordered what I think is the correct replacement cover, but I doubt it’ll arrive before I head down to the Lakes this weekend. Has anyone else lost this bit of plastic and gotten away with it for a few days?

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    I got away with the same thing on an older SLX shifter (M670?) for ages. The shifter started jamming up occasionally after a year or so, I guess dirt/water ingress gummed it up a bit. I eventually replaced it with an ispec version when I gave the bike a couple of other upgrades.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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