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  • Premier Icon househusband

    Just wondering if anyone has had whooping cough as an adult..?

    I’m into the third week of a chest infection and onto second type of antibiotic, and now steroids – do have asthma. Have had some horrible coughing fits over the past few days…

    Premier Icon bgd

    Mrs BGD is just coming to the end of a bout of whooping cough. She’s had it about 6 weeks but the coughing has decreased a lot the last week or so.

    I’ve had it since October. Its now starting to fizzle out.

    But still have the odd midnight coughing session.

    Locketts Locketts and more Locketts!


    Both myself and my wife got it. We are both in our 40s and it started as a cold which lingered, then turned into a very nasty cough. I was off the bike for a month and took about 10 weeks to get over it. Not fun and I now tell others to get the whooping cough immunisation as it is just not worth getting this bug.

    Premier Icon househusband

    Thanks all.

    It hasn’t actually been confirmed but now three weeks into what started as a cold, then chest infection… and I’ve had some awful coughing fits over the past week or so – sometimes ending in a sort of wail. In my early 40’s too, John, and having asthma and diabetes I tend to get hit hard by coughs and colds but this is unlike anything I’ve had before.


    The coughing can be in real spasms and it too was nothing like any other cough I’d had. Sometime the coughing was so bad, I ended up dry retching at the end. : (

    Bad news is there is no real treatment apart from taking it easy and drinking gees lintus cough mixture to stop the coughing at night so to help you sleep.

    Doc can do a throat swab to diagnose and stay away from families with little babies.


    I was wondering why you’d been hiding househusband. Get better soon eh?

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    Yes. I caught it in about June time. It wasn’t diagnosed at first, the doc thought it was just an asthma related cough but it got worse and worse to the point where I’d retch, or vomit at the end of a coughing fit. When i went back they referred me for a blood test which confirmed it, and put me on the antibiotics that i should have had to start with to prevent me being infectious (but by then I was 5 or 6 weeks in so unlikely infectious anyway)

    I guess it took about 4 months to clear properly. The coughing fits became less severe, and most notably less frequent before the severity dropped. All told, apart from the debilitating factor of not getting a decent night’s sleep for about 8 or 10 weeks, I never felt that bad unless I was actually coughing (and coughing until you’re red in the face and then retching or vomiting isn’t pleasant but once you know what it is and it will pass you can get by) And the continual sore throat that you get from it – but nothing paracetomol and strepsils can’t handle.

    Househusband – as said they can do a throat swab in the early days of infection but if you’re later in you need a blood test to find antibodies. I was early in to the ‘epidemic’ that started this year and it was only a chance comment that made me google it so when I went back to the docs I was almost as knowledgable as the doctor that saw me – she was reading NHS online as she was treating me. So if you do go back suggest it if they don’t.


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