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  • tacopowell

    1 in 3. Bummer when its sunny out. 🙁


    When it’s busy & races/events, but don’t get day off during week to make up for it, think I did 3 months without a day off first year we were open 😉

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Yep. PITA when the weathers good (now). Wouldn’t swap it for the world though when its sunny and I’ve got a day off mid week! 8)

    Premier Icon Drac

    1:2 It’s great being off midweek when it’s sunny and the trails are even more quiet, beer gardens empty and bargains can be had in cafes.



    Sounds tough!


    1:2 It’s great being off midweek when it’s sunny and the trails are even more quiet, beer gardens empty and bargains can be had in cafes.

    This is very true.

    On a training secondment so weekdays only this year, but the last 7 years have been never fewer than two and usually three weekends a month, either as days or nights. Conservative guesstimate would be 60% of the weekends in last 15 years at work. Childcare costs and just wanting to be there at the school gate etc means that this year my wife does all that instead!

    Premier Icon MartynS

    at work right now….

    seems to come in fits and starts, i think I’m doing 2 this month, have done 9 out of 11 weekends before now sometimes its only a day, better still if its a morning. Done by 10/11 so can still get out!

    Premier Icon cp

    I’ve had one week off in the last year, plus 2 days for xmas, plus about 3 days scattered around. other than that I’ve worked every day.

    In 15 years of being a worker drone I’ve just landed my first ever Monday to Friday job and I am loving it. Out the door at 5pm on the dot every day (4 on Friday!). Then two full days of uninterrupted pleasure. It’s a nice system.


    Yup, one day per weekend.

    PITA for doing events & socializing.


    Every weekend 12 hour nights and days rotating, for what has now seemed since the beginning of time.

    Get three days riding a week though.

    Er, if my bosses are reading this I’m on a tea break!

    Premier Icon Coyote

    Not normally, no. Am at the moment though. Bummer.

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    Not yet but it’s coming once I get the next lever of qualification. Evenings, weekend, bank holidays or whenever it’s needed, usually when the weather’s bad. Fortunately, not much goes wrong when it’s dry and bright out.


    Yep, Tuesday is my only day off at the moment. This weather is killing me!
    Back to full weekends off from the start of April, can’t wait

    I work a Saturday afternoon. I go for a swift roadie club run in he morning, shower, eat and into work for 2pm. Could do without it if I am being honest.

    Work 2/4 But to be honest I much prefer midweek sunny riding. Although im off today which is good. Going for a ride in an hour. Tomorrows weather looks to be even better so a early morning ride.

    I don’t like being off at weekends when we need shopping though.


    Every farkin weekend. Typically 11 hours each day. 🙁


    Just moving from an office mon-fri job into retail so will be working most weekends. I quite miss having weekdays off to do stuff when it isn’t busy like I used to when working shifts.


    Every weekend unless I can move teams around spring through to autumn.
    Plus evenings, days, nights, etc as clients needs dictate.
    Downside of being the boss hence the bike living in the back of the Caddy – if it’s decent then a ride on the way back from meetings/clients/site visits gets fitted in.


    1 in every 6 weeks.

    Today is one of them but finished early at 2pm.



    I normally work every other weekend. Don’t mind it as I prefer to go riding on weekdays now as it’s less busy. My weekends now are for getting pissed and seeing friends/family!


    My job has an on call element so some weekends bankholidays etc. Not had to cover Xmas day for 5 years now as we have some Muslim staff but do do extra for Ramadam . Don’t get any time in lieu or paid unless I am actually called out. I also do trial prep on weekends and evenings. It is always the first sunny weekends of the year that get stolen by work.


    one in four Saturdays off so working till 3pm! Do enjoy having a rotating day off during the week!

    2 out of 5 unless overtime is involved and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Get paid shift allowance and the trails, shops and everything else are quiet midweek.


    Me and it’s brilliant.

    Monday, Tuesday off. No people about, can go into a bank with no queues, pubs quiet yada yada.

    Most importantly, quiet trails.

    Premier Icon StefMcDef

    Me. Two in five I think. Seems like more. Absolutely hate them. Minibus full of my riding buddies away to Swinley this weekend while the toad work squats on my life yet again. Midweek days off stoating around on your jack are a very poor substitute.


    Monday to Friday 8-7ish/when the works done, with one night on duty a week and one weekend on duty a month, followed by a full weeks work. So when starting duty Saturday 8am will not be off duty until Monday night 7pmish, that’s about 60hrs straight of being at Worcestershire farmers and horse owners beck and call, and at this time of year they are certainly calling. Sorry currently on one of those weekends and sulking 🙁


    Hmmmm I like working weekends because I get days off in the week and the trails, shops, restaurants, days out etc etc are so much more pleasant on weekdays.

    But I don’t have kids. And most of my mates do,the same job as me so get days off in the week too.


    I used to work a weekend night shift for years. I’d start midnight on Friday,for six hours,then twelve hours Saturday and Sunday night.
    In a nutshell midnight Friday to 6am Monday, then the week off.
    Used to get paid the same as the regular workers cos it was anti social hours.
    A 30 hour week with 5 days off every week, best goddam job I ever had.

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