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  • Who was out last night on their bike?
  • Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Where & did you come home like a drowned rat?

    Despite the rain/hail I had a great ride last night over in Hebden Bridge.

    Did get paranoid on my back to the car when the lightning started. Thought someone was taking photos of me with a flash. Took me a few minutes until I put one & one together 😳


    No but I am in Hebden and it was bloody torrential last night! River is very full today.

    Premier Icon iainc

    25 quiet backroad miles in the late afternoon sunshine around South Lanarkshire – proper Spring day.

    Premier Icon binners

    Are you insane? Had you seen a weather forecast, you maniac? Which part of the forecast appealed specifically? The torrential horizontal hailstones? The high winds? Thunder and lightning? Or the dream combination of all the above?

    The forecast is good from now onwards. Why on earth would you go out in that lot last night? You need help…


    Premier Icon offthebrakes

    Mild and dry in the wildernesses of the north-east last night (well, north-east Hampshire). Would have been rude not to ride 🙂

    Ride home (more early hours of this morning though) and yes got soaked going to work and riding home. It was, of course, dry the rest of the day and if I had finished on time it would have been a dry ride home (literally started as I stepped out of the office.

    Skins waterproof though.

    Premier Icon stevied

    Nice, rain-free, blast around the Malverns last night. Plenty of mud though..

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    LOL, I’d not looked at a forecast. Find it puts me off.


    yep 7 of us out on Dartmoor last night was not to had until it started snowing lol, and was even worse when I got back to the car to find I had left the drivers window half open AHHHHH.


    My mossy-green paving stones are covered in ‘clean’ dots this morning where the lightning-powered hail blasted it off.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Stanmer Park was rain free but a bit muddy. 14 riders out which wasn’t bad, considering.


    Three of us got rained on riding round Edge Hill Warks.
    I got very wet because I fell in a stream.
    Classic legs going really well but skill very limited.


    Unlucky! I left work at quarter to six and must have had special legs on, did a good average for me 20 miles back to the car (including the fantastic descent of Knowle Hill towards Kineton, on Edgehill). Few bits of drizzle about but nothing much else going on, just a bit of a grey sunset. 🙂

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    Aye, waited for the rain to stop at 7:15, avoided the worst of the slop and grime. Stuck to the gravellier bits of the local trail network.

    Shift worker and cycle commuter here, so I ride home in the middle of the night whatever the weather.
    Later than normal finish and cold weather did persuade me to put off exploring a longer route home last night though.


    Yup, went out got drowned and saw strange bright flashes in the sky with no noises!!!

    Premier Icon craig5

    Yep out last night, plan was to do a there and back up/down Nan Bield from kentmere. The rain stated just as we set off, by the time we started on the common proper the cloud had come right in and rain was trying to turn into sleet. We decided we were mad, turned tail and decided to have a go down HP plantation. After passing back through kentmere again and the usual Mr Watson mechanical faff. Clouds cleared, and we decided to make another attempt on Nan Bield. Sadly we only got about 3/4 of the way and the weather turned again. So we turned back just as it was getting dark and sessioned the rock drops on the final drop of the common. Wether cleared up agin by the Time we were back in the car.

    Premier Icon teethgrinder

    Us Tumblers were out last night in Chopwell. No rain, 5degC but it was a bit moist on the ground, although there were a couple of spots that were dry.


    Yes, or at least I did my commute home rather than going out for “fun”. The rain in itself wasn’t too bad at that stage (and nothing like what I heard coming down later), but what was slightly more concerning was a car that lost control coming towards me round a bend and which was heading towards me sideways in the middle of the road 😯

    Premier Icon chief1409

    Yes, couple of laps of Cathkin Braes. Bit windy (and hence cold to start with) but otherwise perfect!


    2.5 hours round stanage, rivelin and remires, sleet, snow, wind and rain, mist and fog, thunder and lightening + some mud

    Good ride though and not many other bikers out !!


    Rode home from work in Milton Keynes, New waterproof did a great job. Only really ended up with wet feet.


    4 of us managed out, started wet but ok in the end.

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