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  • Who remembers Sunday night being a proper night out?
  • Maybe it still is but I don’t do it anymore.

    But i remember Sunday nights being awesome. It was a while ago – when pubs were shut from 15:00 ’till 19:00. We’d meet up in a local pub, have couple of pints and then get the no. 57 bus up to “the top road” – a stretch of the A666 in Pendlebury where there were a good few pubs. We’d hit the cheap doubles and then head to the disco in The Black Horse. Disco dancing on the sabbath eh? After a load more ale , we’d finish in The Trough chippy for chips and gravy with a sausage on top.

    I think I’ve just explained why Mondays were bad….


    Nah, night in around the radiogram listening to Sing Something Simple before an early night… 8)

    Sounds like it’s time to put slippers on your xmas list 😯


    15 ish years ago we always used to have an afternoon sesh on sunny Sundays. Never much beyond 8 ish tho as we were all at work the next day.

    Playing cards all day whilst getting rather stoned up the local, that’s what Sundays used to be.

    Yip, back in my days as an apprentice at the MOD. Used to waste all my holidays with either a Monday off due to the above, or a half day Friday, as we’d gone out on the Thursday night, went into work, felt rough as ****, then put a half shift in. By which point you generally felt alright, and went out again!.

    Friday afternoon in the ‘trendy pub’ in town, 75p a pint and doubles for singles. Used to get messy.

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    Used to love Sunday nights out, was working in pubs at the time so I was always working Friday and Saturday nights. Sunday was camp drinks night, used to go to the forge for big cocktails, the spoons til they kicked us out at 10.

    Monday nights were class too.


    Sunday afternoon’s yes. Sunday night was always quiet.


    Pubs closed 10pm in the 60s. Usually listening to Radio Luxembourg & recording the Top Twenty on the old Grundig reel-to-reel.

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    Cheap cocktails in Flynn’s on the quayside in Newcastle in the early 90s.
    Then into 6th form the next day for double hungover Chemistry.

    Happy days!


    Sunday club, 4pm start in line with the football and a variable finish…usually just before the chippy closed.

    Before my riding days anyway, I’d be asleep by 8 if I tried it now…


    Lived in bournemouth 10 yrs ago i worked nights mon-thurs, used to be a couple Sunday afternoon/night discos going on, best night of the week. Punch and Judy was ace!

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    7 days a week at one time depending on the shifts with plenty of all day sessions too.

    Not had a drink for about 2 weeks now even then only the odd one I’m starting to not be bothered by it. That said I found some beer in the garage when looking for Xmas lights.


    Sunday was always the most earthy..

    Start upon waking on the Sunday morning to stave off the accumulated hangovers from Thursday, Friday and Saturday.. A couple of litres of cider or whatever to tide you over til the pub opens.. then it’s just a case of keeping your levels topped up for a hazy and raucous laughter filled afternoon, building up to the live band around tea time..

    It was always just the hardcore left drinking by Sunday evening so shenanigans were 100% guaranteed

    Yeah! Optimo in the subby and an after party, couple of hours sleep and cycle into work. Now I’m totally happy because I got a proper ride in and maybe it’s a glass of tinto before bed.

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    Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and sometimes Monday nights were the night as a Raver. Gooooooood times 🙂

    I used to go to a singles night on Mondays! Strange demographic.

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    I remember some excellent Sunday lunchtime sessions in my early twenties – early 90s in real terms. Tended not to do Sunday evenings though due to work next day….


    Thurs night student night. Then that died and Sunday was king


    Sunday nights were always Last Summer Wine nights.

    For a couple of years in my early twenties Sunday took on a quite a structure. Up early, bike ride for a few hours, lunch, clean the bike in the afternoon, couple of hours taking it easy then off to the cinema every Sunday night regardless of what was showing. Best way to appreciate a film is to know nothing about it before you watch it.


    Sunday nights used to be brilliant, plenty of drinks then the mad dash from the pub to Charlie’s Kebab House before it closed at 11, who cared when you were at college on Monday!!!

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    Wednesday was the only night not out. College day as an apprentice so late finish.

    Thursday was the rock club with good live band who were on the circuit.
    Friday & Saturday was the blues and rock pub with live band.
    Sunday lunch was classics DJ at the blues and rock pub.
    Sunday afternoon was band practice.
    Sunday night was blues band at the other pub.
    Monday was, well it’s still the weekend!
    Tuesday was the smaller rock club with live band.

    No wonder I’m deaf as a post.


    Yep many nights either down Bethnal Green or a club called the Embassy in Colchester
    in the 8o’s for both.


    Yep used to be a proper night out in the 4 pubs along my local high street. Now it’s dead as a dodo.

    10 years ago it used to be heaving, 8 pints and watch a couple of good bands before a chippy supper and walk home.

    Getting up for school was a struggle on Mondays..

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    Aaaaaaaaah – the legendary Sunday session.

    We used to emerge dazed and befuddled from a Saturday night at Sankeys or the Hac and head for the pub. Pretty frequently the Sunday session would eclipse the previous nights debauchery. Except it was in our local. Jesus! I’m cringing at the thought of the shit we got up to. None of which I’d post up on a forum

    Happy days 😀

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    Thursday night was giro night, and therefore going out night when I was growing up.


    Back when pubs closed at half ten, there was a couple of Italian restaurants who would take bookings for between ten and half past. Once you were in, you ordered a bite to eat, but essentially it was a way around the licensing laws. I had some good times. Cracking atmosphere and poorly Monday mornings.

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    ^ loved how far some eateries could stretch that ^ Used to go to a place that was to all intents and purposes a kebab shop but somehow managed to pass itself off as restaurant even though it didn’t really have any chairs or tables to speak of. After 10 it would be full groups of folk sharing one kebab so that they could keep buying booze.

    One particularly boozy Sunday (bank holiday next day) we stumbled into the pub restaurant at 3pm, i.e. afternoon last orders to get around the licensing laws. All four of us ordered soup of the day and five pints of stella please 😮


    Yeah! Optimo in the subby and an after party, couple of hours sleep and cycle into work. Now I’m totally happy because I got a proper ride in and maybe it’s a glass of tinto before bed.


    Wonder if we’ve ever shared an incoherent conversation 🙂


    Front Street in Tynemouth was heaving on a Sunday night back in the day. It was often busier than a Friday or Saturday down there. About a dozen pubs, a chippy, 2 curry houses and a few other pizza & chinese takeaways for the 10:30 stagger home.

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