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  • Who owns Clee Hill ?
  • Specifically, the bit between the bridleway that ends near the masts on Clee Burf and the road from the masts down to the public road.
    I’m putting on a mountain bike orienteering event in the area and we have to stick to PRoWs or get the land owners permission.
    I’d like to use this private track, but I need to know who to ask.

    Anyone know ?

    It’s here if you’re interested.
    It looks like the bridleway meets the track on the 50k map. If you zoom in to 25k,you can see it doesn’t.
    I just need permission to use that track and to cross the bit of grass between the track and the bridleway.


    It costs something like £3 to get the ownership details off the land registry. You can do it all online as well.

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    I don’t know who owns the land, but there is a radar site on the top of the hill owned by NATS, you could try them. (Air Traffic Control)

    The golf ball on Titterstone Clee is owned by NATS.
    It’s the masts on Clee Burf I’m wondering about.

    I’ll have to take another ride out there and see if there’s a “Keep Out. Property of xxxx” or “In case of emergency, contact xxxx” sign.

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    Oh you mean Brown Clee? Our club runs (foot) orienteering events on there, so I’m sure somebody would know. http://www.harlequins.org.uk

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    …I have some more details for contacts, but not sure I want to publish here – is there somewhere I can send them?

    I was going to ask on Harlequins forum. I’m sure I’ve posted on there before, but can’t remember my user name now.

    If you’ve got a contact, could you email it to me please.

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    Harlequins forum login is in the form firstname.lastname, but I’ve checked the list and you don’t seem to be on there.

    Thanks, I’ve emailed him.

    I tried every possible forum name I might have used and none of them worked.
    Thinking about it now, I think I posted a couple of times on a general orienteering forum some years ago, not the Harlequins club one, which is why I’m not there. 😳

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    I live very close Clee Hill and if it’s the bit of track I’m thinking of I believe that it may be common land? If not then the big local land owner is the Boyne Estate. They certainly own the back side that’s covered in trees and may own the side down to the road too. It might be worth trying them. Hope this helps.

    Me, yup, I own it. Actually i was just thinking of selling it if you are interested. Just to get rid really, very good price.

    Clee Liberty Common is the bit I’m interested in, it’s owned by Clee St Margaret Parish Council.
    I’ve made a request and it’s going to be considered at the next Parish Council meeting.

    The sign at the bottom of the track gives the usual Countryside Code message, plus one warning about fox hunting taking place on the common.
    Apart from being out of date, I don’t see how they can object to 20 – 30 mountain bikers riding across their common, individually or in pairs, spread over a five hour period, if they allow 50 people on horses and 20 dogs off leads up there at a time.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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