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  • Who owns a non popular bike……show and tell
  • sofaking

    there was one of my bike but i destroyed it to make it even more exclusuive.
    beat that

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    Voodoo Canzo.

    Joe Murray designed, well built, never seen another one in the flesh.



    I've never seen another one of either of these:

    Both great bikes – the HCR is now 5 years old and still getting great results. I'd like to know how many podiums it's had over the years!


    Dean Colonel Ti hardtail with custom geometry.
    I specced it with an unfashionably short wheelbase and steep angles to mimic my much loved and rusted 93 Clockwork. Turns out the geometry is within a gnat's of the new Orange R8 that Chipps liked so much in this month's mag.


    I've got a Moots hardtail and I've never seen another. It's got 80mm forks and that's even rarer

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    Not quite sure how many of these are around, but I've recently built back up my 99 ZaskarLE frameset.

    Now it has disks the feel and speed is immense.

    Far too good for me at the moment, but I'll get there 🙂

    Have replaced the forks with some black RS Tora solo air things, which are ok but too heavy and spoil the ride somewhat 🙁

    The RST's are stupid light being only air cartridges, but they are a little twangy and don't really like the abuse the disk gives them.

    Cracking bike though.


    2 cannondales imported from canada in the late 90s,
    never seen another john deere green killer v (with disc tabs)
    or a 6" travel kawasaki green super v,


    Cannondales used to look absolutely brilliant, IMHO lost their way style wise recently.

    I think the logo change was a bad move.

Viewing 9 posts - 121 through 129 (of 129 total)

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