Who on here still rides rigid bikes for mtbing?

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  • Who on here still rides rigid bikes for mtbing?
  • yunki

    a few folk.. take a look here for a recent thread on the subject

    Premier Icon teadrinker

    thanks yunki


    I get a nice soft ride out of my rigid bike.. 😀


    Rigid, singlespeed, singular swift is my most used bike, works equaly well on stuff where a CX would be appropriate, and on stuff which I’d hesitate at on the Pitch!

    The only difference is it doesn’t forgive even minor mistakes, so you soon learn to be accurate with line choices. The upside/downside of this is I’m much smoother on the FS bike when I swap back, the downside is I usually take half a day to realize that I can be less accurate and don’t need ot close my eyes an pray each time I have to rely on 6″ of squish to get me through!


    Rigid SS 29er is my first and only bike (for now)…

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    As above says, just wondered if anyone still does? Also which variety are you 29″ or 26″

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    Fully rigid SS 29er here too, & it is my only MTB.

    Rigid rebuilt orange p7
    Jake the snake cx bike
    Rigid Marin bought 1990 and rebuilt as rigid singlespeed

    I only ride rigid at the mo, and have done for a while.

    I’d never ride a hard tail as just don’t really see any point in them.

    I possibly would look at a FS though, but never get round to it.


    Rigid 69er ss is the main bike here
    I only use the fs now and then to justify it’s existence
    If SWMBO had a paddy and one had to go it would be the susser


    Just bought a rigid SS 29er myself to, enjoy it on local trails but glad to have a FS as well for day rides/trail centres


    Not ridden mine since Twentyfour12! 🙁 I picked up a thumb injury which is taking ages to heal and means riding rigid is just too painful at the moment.


    Up until recently my mate was riding Cannock on a ’96 Al Carter Tacoma. He used to get white hands with pink blotches because of the vibration and double vision on the descents but otherwise he got round very respectably.

    Has recently complemented it with a HT but he still rides round with the forks virtually locked out. He doesn’t like how the the geometry changes when the fork moves.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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