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  • Who lives in a listed building? – Insurance.
  • Interesting – I’m in a listed building and no problem with M&S for contents cover. Zurich for bricks and motar insurance

    My brothers just used Nationwide as M&S wouldn’t touch his house, quite a reasonable quote too i think.

    assetsure, very good and very reasonable (will match quotes at renewal time). even gave me ‘at home’ bike insurance for just a few quid extra after i’d been with them for a year.


    Excellent – I’ll try above mentioned.

    TJ – I have M&S for contents, but they won’t touch the building.


    I ring around every year for listed insurance. Thankfully moving house soon so won’t have to bother in future.

    A couple that do it are Hiscox and Churchill (current insurer).

    More Than and Norwich Union didn’t.

    Direct Line did but they require a valuation, which you should have if you are buying the house.

    Try a comparison website. They are a load of crap but if you do a quote it should tell you who does listed and who doesn’t.

    EDIT: We get both Buildings and content from Churchill.


    Hi there,

    I’m buying a house and it’s grade II listed. Who are you insured with as M&S won’t cover me for it.



    I have M&S for the contents only, and Woolwich now Barclays (my mortgage company for buildings insurance). Listed Building owner.


    only grade 2 listed here, use select and protect, thay have been excellent when I’ve needed to claim


    It must be since M&S changed underwriters as up to 2 years ago I had buildings insurance with them in a listed building.

    Currently the building is insured with Norwich Union.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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