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    who are Donk and jellybaby? more importantly given your STW profile who is conaid?


    Best Female Rider? – Jojo is very good. ( damn sight better than me) Quick and does well in races and has done Mega avalanche and the enduro DH thing at Fort William as well as winning stuff in XC racing


    Who is the best male rider- Donk

    While he's very good, I think every male on here is likely to disagree with you. Obviously I'm better than him but he has a nicer arse than me.


    Who is the biggest- Got to be Ton


    Anyways, this is just a fishing expedition organised by the Troll Fishing Co. so no good will come of it. As the newly *ahem* joined member is hoping.

    … the worst troll?


    Moving on from my last post about who is the oldest I thought I would continue the theme.

    Who is the youngest- I would guess Taka
    Who is the biggest- Got to be Ton
    Who is the best male rider- Donk
    Who is the best Female rider- Jellybaby

    elaine anne

    what about who is the "smallest" ? lol thats gotta be me at (5ft 0 inches) (infact i cud be 4ft 11 and a half ! i gotta peddle twice as hard as you lot (those with LONG legs)…lol


    Of the singletrackers I have met I would go for:
    Youngest-+1 for Taka
    Biggest-definitely +1 for Ton
    Best Male rider-Probably Donk (seems to be good at most stuff) or Deejay (more mature, fast and smooth and climbs well (for his age anyway!!) :wink:)
    Best female-not met many but Jellybean, Mrs Flash and Jo (sorry dont know username) spring to mind.
    Writing this as all round riders not as racers/downhillers/jump types etc


    Conaid – Didnt like you the other day when you insulted Dave….

    …Now your my new best friend 😀 (Whoever you are?)

    Also sorry Donk as good as you are my Craig is the best male rider i know. Not sure on the youngest but can't argue with Ton being the biggest.His is the only bike i can't get onto…

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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