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  • Who is watching Star Wars on ITV1+1?
  • These aren’t the droids you’re looking for… Alec Guinness was great.

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    “improved” version though

    Big fan of all of them but it’s highly irritating the amount of holes the films have in the plot over the series.

    30 fighters against a death star? I don’t like those odds.

    Ah yes the remastered Jabba the hut.

    Blimey! I didn’t see that coming. On manual targetting too.



    Am I imagining a different universe, where Jabba the Hutt looked like Henry VIII? I’m sure I’ve seen a version of Star Wars like that…

    Into the garbage chute flyboy!


    Am I imagining a different universe, where Jabba the Hutt looked like Henry VIII? I’m sure I’ve seen a version of Star Wars like that…

    IIRC I think Lucas had the original idea to make him just a fat bloke who looked like Henry VIII but then changed it for the other idea of making him a creature. There might be a version of the film where he is more human like. I saw the documentary years ago and can’t remember exactly

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    its a deleted scene where jabba is a fat irish bloke
    the original script was slug jabba but they couldnt manage the effects so they shot it with a human, lucas was never happy so it was cut

    it was reused and the big slug jabba we know and love was cg’d in


    “Now get this walking carpet out of my way!”

    It had good dialogue, unlike the later films

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    This is some rescue!


    Jabber was human in the first film. The scenes were shot using a normal if slightly tubby man, including the scene in the reworked version where Han is walking along side him. The scenes were never used in the original film, and Jabba changed in the second 2 films. But the scenes were dug up and used in the remastered version with a digitally added Jabba over the actor. At one point Han walks behind Jabba and they had to find a neat at to incorporate this into the special effects. This was done by lifting Han slightly and making him seem to tread on Jabbas tail as he walks behind.
    That’s what really happened!

    Those tie fighters are noisy, surprised they can hear them from inside the millennium falcon


    I don’t know whether to be pleased or not that I haven’t imagined a fat human Jabba. On the one hand, it means I’m still of sound mind. On the other, it means I probably can’t construct an alternate reality where Jar Jar Binks isn’t in the later films.


    Original trilogy are great films. Only recently did I try to watch the prequel trilogy which are absolutely awful – the acting is terrible and they’re so bloody boring!


    Wow! a cameo by Peter Kay as an X-wing pilot.

    Remember, the force will be with you. Always.

    There was a real chemistry between Hamil, Fisher(hawt) and Ford. Cushing and Guinness added real gravitas. It’s a very good film.

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    sorry for the spoiler but this time the death star got destroyed!

    i really, really hate the bit where han walks over jabba’s tail in the “improved version”. Jabba is supposed to be a scary gangster – there is no way he would have reacted like that to it. Its just awful.

    I’ve got the DVDs with the original versions now – never again will I soil my eyes with the special editions

    this is well worth watching (7 parts on you tube)

    a review of the phantom menace which manages to be both insiteful and very funny

    it brings it home just what an awful job lucas made of the prequels

    i remember seeing star wars and the empire strikes back (back to back) at the local cinema in the early 80’s (devizes cinema).it was epic!!! 😀

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