Who is the most stereotypical STWer?

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  • Who is the most stereotypical STWer?
  • Someone mentioned me. I just wet myself again. And I’ve only just changed after listening to Adele’s album. 😐

    Not sure how I’d score…

    Recently divulged myself of:
    2 woodburners
    29r wasn’t really mine anyway
    2 dogs…do miss them though
    Burd who could ride better than me edit: this was careless I know…
    Country cottage

    Now have a townhouse and one more road bike… 3/2 ratio of skinny/fat tyres

    Drive a Mazda
    Work in hospitality
    Coffee snob, but that’s my business! Literally.
    Have a beard
    Ride a giant and a spesh…
    Own a kinesis, moda and an orbea
    Use soundcloud
    Listen to 6 music
    Like real ale
    Still surrounded by hills in Scotland..

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Being a snob is about looking down on people who like stuff you consider inferior. So thinking someone is a pleb or common for liking a particular thing or drinking instant coffee is being a snob.

    I don’t like instant coffee, but you all are welcome to drink it if you like, I won’t judge 🙂

    So I don’t like certain kinds of music and am happy to say what I think of them anybody who does makes me a snob?

    Saying what you think of someone doens’t make you a snob. Thinking they are inferior because of their cheaper tastes does.


    cheaper tastes

    but it’s not about the money. Or rather it is about the money if you are a snob. 🙄

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Cheaper perhaps not – inferior, worse, whatever you want to call it.

    It’s about a heirarchy of taste. If you think it’s intrinsically better to like one thing or another then it’s snobbery.


    I’m definitely a snob


    Is it possible to be too niche to be a STWer? Or is that the true definition?


    I don’t think I tick any of the boxes. Does that make completely niche and therefore the ultimate STWer?


    Not sure how much of a Singletrackworldite I am tbh

    Scouser living on Merseyside (No)
    Work in the Music Industry (No)
    Drive a BMW (Maybe)
    Ride an Orange 5 (Yes)
    Ride a 29er (Yes)
    Dont Like coffee (No)
    Iphone & Macbook (Yes)
    Dont like Real Ales (No)
    Clean Shaven (No)
    Lots of Black Endura (Yes)


    Premier Icon Tiger6791

    Think I’ fairly typical

    A Transvestite
    12 years old
    No bike
    Live in Guam
    Drive a Tram
    Collect Kittens & commemorate Royal tea spoons
    Double jointed wrist

    (Yep, fairly typical, just as unfunny as the rest of you)


    Tiger, are you me?

    Premier Icon Tiger6791

    no, shhhhh, you’re my ‘other’ login

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    I drive a Civic.
    Commute to work on a SS road bike.
    Have a 6″ skills compensator and a rigid 29er SS.
    Work as a fabricator.
    I have made my own log burning stove.
    No pets.
    Often sporting stubble.
    Drink coffee from a jar.
    Live in Cumbria.
    Like a whisky.
    Partake in the odd ale now and again.
    I don’t start/fuel arguments on here!


    I reckon I’m probably even more niche than scotroutes..


    I don’t think I tick any of the boxes. Does that make completely niche and therefore the ultimate STWer?


    Premier Icon stewartc

    I used to live down south near the Surrey Hills – tick
    Don’t own a car now but have owned some VAG’s in the past – tick
    I only have one bike – cross
    I have never been to France or Italy mountain biking – cross
    I don’t work in IT – cross
    I don’t have a coffee machine (is that the same as a kettle?) – cross
    My apartment doesn’t have a chimney so no log burner or fireplace even – cross
    I don’t like cats – cross

    I only really come here to read the BS arguments, you don’t get that kind of quality BS in the pubs here and I miss it.

    Can’t believe this thread is back. Ignored it the first time around…

    I honestly don’t reckon there’s a STW stereotype. We like to think there is, as evidenced by the Wiki entry. But every time an emotive, heated thread gets going, it’s obvious that every strand of life and opinion is here.

    I’m just an ordinary bloke. I drink too much, walk a lot, cycle too little. I work in a creative business, my politics are slightly left-leaning, I have five bikes and a one year old child.

    On the whole, I suppose, I might be that stereotype except I drive a Volvo.


    I don’t think I tick any of the boxes.

    don’t drive
    no beard
    pretty far right (possible racist)
    drink black tea
    no fire at all
    turkey for package holiday
    total IT numpty
    only have a touring bike

    but I do like a real ale now and again.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Ton, but you’re from Yorkshire. Isn’t that some sort default acceptance criteria?


    Who is the most stereotypical STWer?

    yo mama



    I like it here very much, but don’t know why.

    No car.
    Got a mocha pot somewhere?
    Gas central heating.
    Cheap Trek hardtail.
    Lives Bedfordshire.
    Long hours semi manual work.
    I ‘train’.
    Shave before riding.
    Ride/train/race not commute every day.


    Clean shaven
    Fell runner
    Live Wharfdale
    Work in marketing
    Drive BMW

    No match.

    Ride my bike lots so I think I’m out.


    also I ride my bike more than anyone I know.

    bear…..shit I think I am getting a little nearer now……. 😮


    I read the sun so I’m clearly out!


    Live in the SE.
    Work as a pilot.
    Drive a Volvo XC90 and an Audi A3quattro
    Bikes – Titus FTMc, Santa Cruz Heckler, Titus Ti Fireline 29er, Planet X Carbon RT57.
    Like coffee, but fall on the Nespresso side.
    Like Hope kit, but also shop at On-One.
    Drink Ale
    Love pies and cake
    Have an open fire inside, and a big firepit in the garden.
    Forage/chop my own wood.

    But I don’t have a singlespeed or a crossbike.


    My horses legs are 10 feet long.

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