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  • Who is the most stereotypical STWer?
  • wrecker

    And I have a beard/gypo stubble.

    The only box I tick.


    I’d like to see us change the stereotype myself. Can we not change it to be ‘works in the health service’ although I appreciate while more factually correct, it’s not as much fun.

    If we’re continuing down this path though, we need to include

    doesn’t actually ride much at all
    Wears full body armour for riding down the shops
    Goes to the alps on holiday, or Whistler which is in China or somewhere
    Is fat but considers themselves ‘chunky’
    Considers 3 grand on a bike entirely appropriate.


    Well its not me though my Bike choice is fairly sterotypical for here


    I have a beard, an open fire ( cheap axe ),work in Mechanical design, I have a veedub estate not an Audi but I do have Orange Alpine and an on one

    Premier Icon woody2000

    I live in Calderdale, work in IT, have a beard, drive a VW estate and ride a 456.

    Do I win?


    No such thing.

    There’s left (mainly left), liberal, right, conformist, non-conformist, low, medium and high wage earners. Swathes of experience from all walks of life with a huge range of experience and skills. The sort of place where if you talk BS on a subject, someone’s likely to know and call you on it.

    I drive an Audi and a ride bike with more suspension than I have skill.

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Oh, and I’m middle aged. DBW is a whippersnapper 🙂


    Think you need a 456 and an Orange Five to really clinch it TBH. Maybe a fatbike too.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Molgrips has to be up there!

    IT worker
    VAG car
    Owns an Orange
    Starts myriad inane threads

    No offense Molly 😉


    Be interesting to know if you’re STW traits are actually influenced by STW or were in place before you signed up? I think I’ve become more STW since coming here 😕


    I’m a graphic designer, capable of growing a beard, have a bike van (VW… Caddy… Pimped), a Santa Cruz, a Cervelo, a Soul, a Single-speed, a Roadrat, a Merkur, a guitar, a coffee machine, a mediocre hi-fi with awsomes cables, I have a wood, an axe and lots of 2-stroke-engined man toys.

    And I’m an argumentative f***er!

    Premier Icon somouk

    I’m halfway there in driving a VAG, working IT and having stubble most of the time.

    No orange 5 or living in a nice part of the country for me though 🙁

    I think there is more of a chance that the stereotype will change following the jobs thread.


    I think I’ve become more STW since coming here


    Premier Icon woody2000

    I’ve had an Orange 5 in the past…..

    Premier Icon footflaps

    I was a Tory MP before I started posting on here, then I saw the light and became left wing, ditched the Bentley, bought a Ti HT SS and moved into IT.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    My step dad comes close. Are you on here Chris? I’ve long suspected you are/lurk….

    Works in financial services.
    Drives a white audi, having just got rid of a black one.
    Ride a trek Ex8, but wants a five.
    Doesn’t ride as much as he used to.
    Lives in Huddersfield.
    Owns Woodland, measured in acres.
    Has a log store.
    Swapped out an open fire for a stove.
    Has a proper coffee machine.
    Has iPhone and iPad.


    I could be the least stereotypical:

    Poorly paid caretaker’s job, no car, ride GT/SE/DMR (no helmet), economy 7 storage heaters warm my flat, drink tea out of a mug and made with a teabag, live in Sale Moor (no hills) and I shave with, get this, an electric shaver!

    Premier Icon Drac

    Santa Cruz
    Log Burner
    Posh Razor
    Faux Bivvi
    Talk about riding more than riding
    Border Terrier

    Yeah I fit in there somewhere.

    Premier Icon psling

    Not me. I don’t live in Calderdale, I don’t have a beard, I don’t have a coffee machine, I don’t drive a VAG vehicle, I do have an Orange but it’s a 10 year old P7, and… sod the woodpile, I work in a sawmill 8)


    I’m not particularly stereotypical but I do meet the following criteria.

    Own a 456
    Own a BFe
    Own a bike with much more travel than local trails necessitate (Enduro Evo/North Brum)
    Own a Merker
    Am overweight
    Don’t ride as much as I should/want to
    Am generally unshaven

    Hmm thats quite a few things isn’t it.

    I’ve had a 456 in the past. I also own a singlespeed.

    I’m not sure whats becoming more STW-ey though – riding Orange Fives/steel hardtails around Calderdale or mincing around the South Downs on a 6″ full bouncer from Lapierre/Canyon etc.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    doesn’t actually ride much at all

    I’m about to sell my bike, which is pretty hard to imagine having waited so long to obtain.


    Premier Icon S_J

    Interview with an STW’er

    Rides – 29 inch, singlespeed Fat bike
    Best Riding Location – Mind your own business! I don’t want anyone else riding my trails!
    One essential Cycling accessory – A beard
    Lives – Somewhere in the hills
    Drives – Skoda Octavia estate, Land Rover Defender or nothing as cars are for people with small genitals
    Reads – Anything but the Daily Mail
    Favourite Music – Anything that nobody else has heard of and absolutely nothing you can buy in HMV or has been near a commercial chart, ever.
    Favourite Film – Anything in black and white with subtitles
    Other hobbies – wood carving


    Beard – Tick
    Coffee Snob – Tick
    IT – Tick
    Log Burner – Tick
    Roadie – Tick
    Don’t actually own a MTB – Tick

    I’ve just had another thought – I don’t own a cross bike (although part of me would like one, despite them being wrong on so many levels). Nor do I own a road bike, or know what a sportive is, or a cat 1 climb.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    I have a Gransfors Bruks axe if that helps?

    Get thee over to Songofthepaddle…

    And another (based on S_J’s comment above). My VAG estate is actually a Skoda Octavia. And I had a Mondeo before that. And I’ve been thinking about an Audi A4 to replace the Skoda. Or a T5 camper.

    I think that puts me up there again despite lack of fat/road/cross/29″ bikes…

    Premier Icon HansRey

    ride a Cotic and a Marin, live in Scandinavia, Corolla estate, no land, state central heating, skinny, bikes cost less than a grand and always have atleast 6months of tea stored in the flat

    not STW, at all.

    I reckon the classic STW-er also has the latest POC and Häglöfs gear, and more mudguards on their helitaped, handpolished nichemobiles than ever considered reasonable


    Can’t drive

    My chameleon is currently at my parents house, can’t remember the last time I rode it

    Not in IT

    Haven’t got a beard ( can’t grow one either!!)

    Any old coffee will do

    And I’m an opinionated d*ckhead. That surely gives me the win!?

    Premier Icon D0NK

    it – check
    cant be arsed shaving properly – you bet
    on-one owner – yep
    that’s about it

    Whilst on the subjest, what’s the deal with “VAG” owners, why the need to put that instead of VW skoda audi etc? is this an accepted (in the rest of the world – not just here) convention I’m unaware of or is it shamed skoda/audi owners who don’t want to own up? Or aspirational types hinting that it might be a porsche?

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    emsz – Member
    Can’t drive

    My chameleon is currently at my parents house, can’t remember the last time I rode it

    Not in IT

    Haven’t got a beard ( can’t grow one either!!)

    Any old coffee will do

    I’m a girl.

    FTFY, you’re well down the order!

    Premier Icon ads678

    I’m 37, slightly overweight, an Engineer (civil), ride a 29er inbred and an Orange 5, sometimes have a beard, used to live in Halifax, drive a Passat estate, soon to be replaced by a Sharan or A6 though (love the VAG), have a coffee machine (although I never use it).

    So i’m pretty STW I think 😀 or 😳


    VAG motor: yup
    Orange 5: yup
    29er: yup
    Espresso machine and grinder: yup
    IT nerd: yup
    Real Ale wierdo: yup
    Beard: no
    Wood freak: no
    Lefty hand wringer: no

    VAG motor: Nope
    Orange 5: Nope
    29er: Nope
    Espresso machine and grinder: Nope
    IT nerd: Nope
    Real Ale wierdo: Very much so
    Beard: Nope
    Wood freak: Nope
    Lefty hand wringer: Nope

    What do I win?

    Premier Icon DezB

    Can’t stand coffee, and don’t use a posh poncy, old fashioned razor.
    So that’s me out.

    Premier Icon binners

    I don’t own a car, a log burner, a 5, a 29er or an expresso machine. I don’t work in IT, can’t stand real ale, and if I grew a beard I’d look like I’d put my head on upside down.

    I really don’t know what I’m doing here

    Oh… hang on a minute… I’m fat, bald and middle aged, and love spouting opinions, and loftily pontificating on subjects I know little or nothing about, as if I was a world authority 😀

    Premier Icon psling

    Whilst on the subjest, what’s the deal with “VAG” owners, why the need to put that instead of VW skoda audi etc? is this an accepted (in the rest of the world – not just here) convention I’m unaware of

    Could be because that’s the actual name of the Group that owns those Brands and is used worldwide? Plus, it’s a lot quicker to type… 😉

    Premier Icon ratherbeintobago

    Another NHS employee

    Mid (*cough* late) 30’s

    Drive a Toyota

    Live in E Lancs

    Currently ride a Cannondale HT but planning to swap for an El Mar

    No beard

    Do have a log burner though.

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