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  • Who is building up a winter hardtail?
  • Premier Icon colournoise

    Current incarnation of back to basics winter/dog run bike. As simple and maintenance free as possible (without going rigid).

    My old BFe26 frame.
    ‘zocchi 44s at 130mm.
    Cable brakes
    No dropper
    Tubeless (Butcher/Purgatory) on Flows

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I build up a summer hardtail and rode it twice, can I take one bit off, put it back on and declare I’m building a winter one?

    If so, Ragley Bigwig mk2 with the Pikes off my Trailfox that I never got round to selling, a Bikeyoke Revive dropper, and some SRAM Roam 50 wheels which are completely wrong for hte bike, but were ridiculously cheap. Plus some sort of drivetrain, I forget which.

    Also need to put the minion back on the front of the fatbike


    I dig this out in winter. Usually when it’s snowed. Think I’ve ridden it a handful of times over last couple of years. I really should flog it. Mk1 Blue Pig. U turn Pikes 140mm. 1×9.
    Its a nice bike but I prefer riding the SS.

    Premier Icon dangeourbrain

    Well I’m planning to.

    I’ve a big dog frame on order, which in theory was nearly all I needed to build one from the spares pile. (new headset etc were expected)

    Somehow it’s ended up being new dt hubs, that I now need rims for even though I’ve 3 perfectly good sets of wheels already.
    New to me factory forks in the wrong bloomin standard (genuine error, anyone want some none boost forks…) to replace the nearly new forks I have already in correct standard just without the fancy colour stanchions.
    New cranks (my spare mtb ones are rubbish though), new bb, new tool for the new bb. The list goes on.

    It’s not been the cheap build I told myself it would be…


    Just got mine out last week after a summer of aestivation (apparently the summer equivalent of hibernation).

    It’s an old Orange P7 in luminous green with sliding drop outs (it replaced a broken Chameleon) – £70 off the Bay
    Rohloff hub
    Tubeless 2.4 tyres
    Old Fox 32s

    It gets through and up pretty much anything. Occasionally think about getting rid, but it’s worth nothing (minus the hub) and what would I use instead…


    Bought, not built. But when a bargain appears you have to take it! All stock at the moment, but such a fun ride!


    Just back in from riding mine. Had an old 26″ steel Saracen Zen that I used to love that I tried to resurrect last winter but it needed a full overhaul which I couldn’t justify. Couple of months ago a mate mentions he’s offered his 27.5 Soul to another mate for a bargain price so I jump on first refusal and get it.

    Now got a bright orange Soul with Pikes running 1×10 with my old Guide R brakes and hideous Aldi mudguards and it owes me less than £500 with a spare fork still to sell. My T130 just needed a cassette and chain, luckily CRC had one in a sale but that’s still £90, the whole drivetrain on the Soul was less than that. Had a real smile on my face too and felt I properly had to concentrate on trails I’d normally just cruise down!


    Just finished – Marin Nail Trail with rigid carbon forks and 1×10 drivetrain, Magura brakes. Will be converted to the ss but I need a chain tensioner etc.


    Dialled Alpine, Hope hubs with Nukeproof rims, Maxxis Aggressor /DHF 2.5 tyres, 140mm Lyrik, Hope M4 brakes and one gear.
    Winter bike, summer hardtail and my year round commuter.

    Premier Icon davros

    Does it count if I built it in July? It will certainly get more use than the full-sus over winter. Xl signal ti with 130mm revs. Finally got it tweaked to perfection and it’s growing on me more with each ride.


    Premier Icon jezzep

    Tempted I must admit to get a gooutdoors fatbike for the winter and beach bike 😉


    Swapped my G160 works parts across to a Bird AM HT as I fancied one a few months back.

    Poncy shot at BPW on a potato

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    The barely-ridden Mk2 Soul which I built up for my daughter is being reclaimed. Just discovered I can get a 27.5 wheel and 2.4 tyre into the Xfusion Velvet on the front, so it will be a 2650b Frankenbike.

    Various bits to be swapped/fixed – got a brand new 10 speed cassette and 2x crank in the drawer, along with various carbon bits (stem/bars) that got taken off the FS.

    [url=]IMG_20191117_145646[/url] by hutchinson2017, on Flickr

    Anyone ride their sus fork when it’s properly cold? Was thinking if a winter hardtail from e.g. big dog – I sometimes ride where it is really cold. Can’t decide whether to go with a rigid or a sus fork. Did is obviously better in the summer but not great when it’s frozen solid.

    Premier Icon russyh

    Finally took a pic of my winter basher, really enjoying it but found it a bloody slog today in the slop.  Even with new Hunt rims which are about half a kg lighter than the standard set.

    maybe an off days, maybe draggy tyres who knows

    <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”></span>

    Premier Icon joebristol

    It’s always harder work in the slop!

    Premier Icon russyh

    I would agree, but I was being spat off the back of a group I ride with all the time… must have been sloppy for them too.  Not blaming the bike, I’m probably still feeling the effects of a cold…

    Premier Icon joebristol

    Looks like a decent hardtail – what bikes were they riding?

    I have a retro Trek 6700 frame in the cellar in a medium which would be great for xc in the winter but alas too small for me – just needs a fork then it’s a full bike!


    PP Oka,
    140 pikes
    Spank wheels
    Maxxis tyres
    Hope v2s …
    Seems to work well

    Premier Icon russyh

    Looks like a decent hardtail – what bikes were they riding?

    Mixture of fat bikes, hardcore hardtails like orange Crush and one on an Identiti Metle.  Like I say, I’m not claiming the bike.  Albeit I’m going to check my bearings.  It’s me that’s the issue.  Feeling very tired and frankly broken now, so probably some kind of bug


    Winter Thrasher.

    Very pleased with it.

    Premier Icon teethgrinder

    Went out on a 17 miler on the BFe on Saturday. Sketchy, back end pinging all over and a sore back after.

    13 miler on the FS on Sunday. Loads better.

    Premier Icon joebristol

    HT ride of any distance gives me a
    sore back – that’s standard. FS rarely gives me the same sore back. So I save the HT for quick / short / fun blasts – and anything longer means it’s the FS

    Premier Icon binners

    It’s been used as a bridleway commuter through the summer, with old school gearing and Small Block 8’s on it and I took the dropper off.

    So it’ll get the dropper back on, change of tyres and a 1×10 gearing, possibly some wider bars and viola… winter hardtail is go, while the pampered FS goes into hibernation

    I bloody love this bike!

    Premier Icon fatmax

    Just stick Bontrager Mud X tyres on the rigid Singular Swift.
    Hope xc wheels, SLX 1x11spd and brakes, fairly cheap Ritchey parts.
    Beautiful and rides like a dream. 👌
    Stick Conti Race King 29×2.0 tyres in the summer and it’s my gravel bike.


    Mine is in the post 😃

    New Salsa El Mariachi frame
    New Salsa Firestarter fork

    I have some lovely new Hope Pro 4 wheels

    Just need a 1×11 drivetrain and a set of brakes and tyres. Then I’m up and running.

    Any recommendations for fast but grippy 29×2.4 tyres?

    Premier Icon sillyoldman

    Complete bike, but erm, quite a lot of it changed/upgraded for bits I had or bought.

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    Brought some of Dunkeld back with me. #saracenbikes

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    Premier Icon Gaz.dick

    Swapped parts from Whyte G150 to a new Deedar Frame.
    Usually riding in slop over winter, and the whytes bearings already needed a bit of TLC – so HT it is.

    Premier Icon specializedneeds

    I have a 26″ inbred setup as a SS, which i still really enjoy. I’d like a new suspension fork for it (so i can use its current fork on another project) – is there anything ‘good’ available in 26″ straight steerer 120mm? I’m now in Sydney, and the second hand market just isn’t what it is in the UK.

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