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  • Who is building up a winter hardtail?
  • iamanobody

    whats your plan if so?
    what frame?
    what kit?


    Nope but I’ve recently finished building up a winter roadbike. I already had a ‘winter hardtail’ so this completes the quiver.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    That would be my fatbike then?

    Premier Icon joebristol

    I did this last year – went for a cheapie Vitus Sentier frame / 2nd hand 140mm Pike / some spare DT Swiss e1900 wheels I had / sram Gx 1x / magic Mary 2.3 / dhr2 2.3 / guide R brakes etc. Since upgraded the brakes to Codes but every thy img has been perfect.

    The frame (being for plus tyres) has masses of mud room in it with 2.3 tyres in there – and because it’s reasonably low it corners like a demon. Can’t say I’ve had loads of pedal strikes either.

    Tend to use it for short rides as my back doesn’t like hardtails much over a couple of hours due to a last injury. So playful though and makes easier flow trails more exciting than a big enduro style bike.

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon


    Bought a Scandal from On-One, determined it’s going to stay nice as long as possible so it’s only getting used in the dry-ish.

    Going to build up a new singlespeed fat bike for the slop. Which will be utterly pointless as 4.8″ tyres and no gears do not make for a quick combination.

    Built up a jumpy/4x/pumptrack bike last night from the spares bin (90% of it was on it previously so not quite the streak of good luck it sounds!). Decided that after losing some weight I’m now quicker than my mates uphill, but have lost a lot of my ability sprint, even just to jump back on a wheel if someone comes past when I’m on the front. So the plan is to ride down to the local BMX track in my lunchbreak. ~20 laps, 4 straights per lap should give my legs something to do a couple of days a week!

    Premier Icon weeksy


    My Parkwood is in a state of “sort of”

    One weekend it’s got 130mm Revelations on and 2.35s, the next weekend it’s a pseudo CX/roadie with rigid carbon forks and WTB Cross Boss tyres.

    1×10 drivetrain with SRAM X7s and sometimes depends on the rides it will either have a 38T ring with a 11-36 or maybe even the 38T and an 11-42. It’s not unknown for it to have a 32T from with the 11-36 either.

    Wheels are either Mavic Crossmark (or is it Crossmax) or Giant PXC 29er.

    It only takes 10 mins to swap mode between the 2 really, half of that is re-aligning the caliper after removing


    I am but I’ve cheated by buying a complete Vitus Sentier VR SRAM SX.

    Premier Icon dove1

    I built up a ‘winter hard tail’ 2 years ago.

    Bird Zero Mk1 frame
    Fox 34 Fit4 140mm forks
    SLX M675 2×10 gears
    XT M785 brakes
    SRAM something or other hubs on WTB i25 rims
    FSA 50mm stem
    Brand-X bars
    Brand-X 120mm dropper post
    Charge Spoon saddle
    Specialized tyres – 2.6″ Eliminator and Butcher

    Everything apart from the bars, dropper post and tyres was second hand – either forum/eBay buys or from my parts box.
    It’s now my favourite bike and gets ridden more than the others.

    Yep.just waiting on brakes (BB7) from eBay.

    From spares bin:
    Scandal frame, old school 26er.
    Rocket Rons F&B. But 650b x 2.8 front.
    425 a-c carbon fork, keeps front low.
    X9 fr & XT rr shifters, XT mechs, 2×10

    Deore cranks, cassette and chain.

    Should be low maintenance and also suitable for easier rides w/ Mrs PF.


    Bird Zero 29
    Pike RC
    1×10 XT with 11-34 cassette
    Hope X2 brakes.
    Ardents front and rear


    Those bird Zero look lovely 🙂
    some nice builds going on!

    Premier Icon Blackflag

    Pace RC129
    RS Pikes at 140mm
    GX 1×11
    Rev Dropper
    Guide Brakes
    Smorgasboard Rear and DHF Front (both 2.3)



    Can’t be arsed this year,just going to use my good bike then rebuild/upgrade it in the spring.

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon

    Can’t be arsed this year,just going to use my good bike then rebuild/upgrade it in the spring.

    Given (or inspite of) the rising cost of even mid range components, this makes more sense. Unless you go down the rigid singlespeed route* then even a mid range set of forks costs more than the service items you would get through over winter. That is unless you use SRAM cassettes, in which case getting high smoking plastic fivers all winter would be a cheaper hobby. Hopefully the now similar XT will give it some pricing competition.

    *which is great, ive had one in one form or another for about 10 years.


    Cheap hardtails are not just for Christmas winter! 🙂

    I recently picked up an olde Genesis High Latitude 29er to try & get back into off road stuff more – had converted to full on roadie as it’s kinder to my knees but couldn’t resist another cheap-ish hardtail for knocking about on in the cooler months – terribly unfashionable, steel frame, 2×10, 80mm travel forks – the original tyres were shafted so i popped some cheap Mavic Crossride(?) 2.35″ flavour on there, loads of room – probably fit bigger depending on profile

    Also – this thread needs more pictures



    more planning how to actually ride mine…

    DMR trailstar
    rockshox pike dual position 130/160
    wtb i29 27.5 rims on hope 2 hubs
    none model 4/2 pot shimano brakes on 180mm icetech rotors
    deore xt 8000 derailleur, BB, 32 tooth snail oval, sunrace 11/50 cassette
    funn 35mm stem, 800mm protaper carbon bars
    maxxis tubeless tyres (depending on conditions)
    random dropper

    Premier Icon Sir HC

    For local stuff it was tempting this year, did it a few years back, its fine on anything smooth, but offroad sat down, its quite literally a pain in the ass. FS for the win!

    Its also cheaper to replace the bearings in the smuggler come march and throw a new cassette/chain/chainring/bb at is as well, rather than buy another bike.


    I’m in the process of doing so. It might be done sometime in the Spring at this rate 🙂

    TBH it’s not really a “winter hardtail”, more a companion to complement the FS bike and replace the mk1 Soul which, while ace, is just a bit small for me.

    NS Eccentric Evo Alu 29er frame
    2nd-hand RS Yari @ 140mm
    2nd-hand DT Swiss 27.5″ wheels
    2nd-hand SLX brakes, probably 203/180mm rotors
    hand-me-down 9 speed drive train from the Soul (might look at an eBay Sunrace wide range cassette)
    bars/stem/saddle from the Soul, at least until I have some more money 🙂
    either 2.6 Butchers from the Specialized half-price sale, or some 2.4-ish something else from Black/Cyber sales, depending on whether it’s going to be built while its still winter or not

    My winter hardtail.


    My not-winter hardtail.


    Premier Icon jimdubleyou

    Waiting for my planet-X Big Dog to turn up, so in answer to the OP, sort of…

    Put some new SLX brakes on my 10 year old Cove Hummer as I could not sell it then got some cheap 26″ tyres from CRC so have used it quite a bit put 1×11 on it couple of years back it is rigid got plastered in mud on Ridgeway Sunday happy days.

    Waiting for my Hello Dave frame to arrive then bits from parts bin, 1X11, Ohlins forks formula R1 brakes

    Premier Icon ads678

    I only have a HT! Might buy a rear mud hugger though….

    Premier Icon lawman91

    Built mine up October last year! MK5 Soul in Mercury, been more than just a winter bike though in truth, ridden it far more than my T130 this year, just feels ace. Built up similarly to the T130, 120mm Revelation RC, GX Eagle with carbon Descendant cranks, Chromag bar/stem, Reverb and Hope E4’s, the Pro 4/Arch MK3 wheels get swapped between the two. Running Maxxis Forekasters at the minute but want to swap the front out for the new Dissector when I can get my hands on one!


    Bird Zero 29
    140mm Revelations
    SRAM GX 1×11 from old bike
    XT brakes from old bike
    2.5 Shorty up front
    2.4 DHR on the back

    Premier Icon strangey13

    I was going too as had all the parts sat spare. Was looking at a BFE or a Pace with 2.6 tyres to take the sting out a bit. Ended up doing the sensible thing and bought a DH bike instead!

    Premier Icon boardmanfs18

    PX Mutsu ti
    12spd XT
    SID 100mm
    Hunt front wheel
    Ebay built rear with the micro spline hub (waiting for hunt to release the hub)
    Vitoria Barzo’s front and rear.


    Crossed my mind when I saw those Airdrop Bitmap frames £100 off. I keep telling myself I don’t need another bike but it would be nice.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    Old 26″ Ragley Mmmbop running 1×9, a RS Sektor coil fork and Mudhugger guards front and rear. It’s hideous, but allows you to ride through massive puddles without getting a wet backside, still works fine on technical stuff and is cheap enough that I don’t worry about destroying the hell out of it. Or I just ride my Transmitter.

    Premier Icon oldfart

    Another Cove Hummer ressurection here. Marz forks died, kind of resigned to hanging frame on garage wall then got a chance of a pair of 2012 from an industry insider 😜 bit more than I wanted to pay but talk about rolling back the years 😎 Polar opposite of my Kona Raijin which is pure business whereas the Hummer brings the party! 😎 My mate is convinced I won’t be entirely happy until I get a modern LLS Steel HT 650B Plus though 🙄
    He could be right 🤔I’m interested in the new Sonder when it comes out in the New Year 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Seems there are a few different interpretations of “winter hardtail” here.
    Some pretty posh bits for winter mud pluggers.

    I love all the “26 lives again”TM bikes though.


    Seems there are a few different interpretations of “winter hardtail” here.

    I think that depends on the reasons for a ‘winter hardtail’.

    I’ve always found the dogma of ‘protecting my good bike’, be it an FS or not, somewhat disingenuous. After all, unless it’s a complete ratbike, the value of a hardtail that’s actually worth riding off-road will far outstrip the maintenance and replacement costs of keeping the nice bike running.

    On my trails, the advantages of an FS are much diminished in the soft schlop in the wet months, and I find riding a hardtail keeps me sharper for the FS too.


    Premier Icon joebristol

    Not sure what’s happened to imgur / posting links on here but it’s gone horribly wrong on this occasion…..

    Premier Icon Furious

    Crossed my mind when I saw those Airdrop Bitmap frames £100 off. I keep telling myself I don’t need another bike but it would be nice.

    I saw the sale and they look great but I fear they’re just too stiff and unforgiving for regular riding

    Premier Icon lightfighter762

    Im at the extreme. Freeride downduro bike for most stuff and just built a cotic roadrat with a dropper, 47mm Senderos for winter shredding. Just the dropper makes such a difference. retro mtb riding. Fun when the hills get snowy.

    last year I got a Ragley Blue Pig 2019 for winter and really did not end up using it that much. Just took FS out instead. Sold the Blue Pig and now the cotic is the winter workout bike.

    That’s certainly what Enduro mag had to say about them. Pretty light and will be very responsive though.


    good to see a few 26inchers used.

    Premier Icon Trailrider Jim

    What’s the tyre clearance on the Pole? Is it me or does the Soul look too old-skool with high standover, despite its “longshot” geo?

    Hob Nob

    Nope, did it years ago & even as a decent bike, it was considerably shitter than my FS.

    So no, I’d rather not ride a rubbish bike. Just keep riding a proper one 🙂

    Premier Icon scotroutes


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