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  • Who here wears eye protection?
  • coffeeking

    Dear god- the likelyhood of severe incident through eye contact has to be SOOOOO small, even smaller than the risks involved with helmets…

    i don’t wear shades when riding,but am thinking about starting to.just about every trip i do,seem to get insects flying into my eyes 😡 once had some grit fly into my eye also (not pleasant at all 🙁

    Premier Icon sparkyspice

    Oakley Jawbones for me. I find I can see things in bright light at distance that you just can’t pick up with the naked eye (I’m a pilot). Clear vented lenses work a treat for night ridesalthough they still steam up when stopped, but normally clear when you get going again.
    If you have problme s with steaming up, treat your lenses to some ‘Gloop’. It’s made to stop motorbike visors steaming up (especially at this time of year) and works a bit on my Oakley lenses…

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    @coffeeking – small yes but still a risk and broken eyeballs don’t heal easily. My most recent incident involved a branch hitting me square on in the lens, with enough force I needed 9 stitches where the bottom edge of the lens went into my cheek (there’s something to said I guess for a full framed lens…), no chance my eyeball would have survived that.

    I’d also say to those wearing cheap safety specs – worth checking if they have UV protection IMO as most don’t


    “coffeeking – Member
    Dear god- the likelyhood of severe incident through eye contact has to be SOOOOO small, even smaller than the risks involved with helmets… “

    I crashed on the first big double at Spooky woods, I’ve got a load of excuses and reasons why , i also have a triangular shaped scar and lump on my cheek bone, that was the second point of contact with a rock . i have an identical triangular mark dead center of my oakley lens that was the first point of contact.

    Aside from keeping wind sun and cow shit(and other sources of infection) out of your eyes good glasses are well worth it just in case that small chance does come up

    Glasses been protected me may more times than helmet.
    Essential if riding in the woods and still good to stop mud, grit and wind when on more open trails.
    I once accompanied someone to the BRI who interfaced with branch during a night ride, it deflected of his glasses and fut open his nose and upper cheek. Without the glasses who knows…


    i wear a £6 pair of shooting glasses. best purchase ever. I mostly wear them to keep the mud and spray out of the eyes.

    Premier Icon Angus Wells

    ‘interfaced with [a] branch’ ?

    ‘interfaced with [a] branch’ ?

    The branch speared him end on in the face

    I find the only glasses I can get on with are ones where I can’t see the frames. Had a lovely pair of Specialized Arc Adaptalites for the road bike, but they are currently in storage in the wrong country. Couldn’t find anything similar when I needed a set here, so ended up with a really close fitting pair, so the frames stay out of my field of view. Unfortunately, they suffer from sweat ending up on them, and then evaporating to leave sticky blobs of nastiness on the inside. Might try the Rain-x trick on the inside.

    On the DH bike, with full-face helmet – love the Oakley O-Frames. I actually really like the slightly disconnected feeling as I hammer mince my way down the hill

Viewing 10 posts - 81 through 90 (of 90 total)

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