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  • Who here has only one bike?
  • corroded

    Just one here: a RM Blizzard. Down from four or five at one point, but the Blizzard is simply the most fun per mile. I’m sure that if I lived in the Alps or BC I’d prefer a FS but it’s all I need at the moment.

    will prob replace it next year with another enduro

    I demo’d the previous enduro-sl, its a seriously uninspiring* bike unless your riding stuff that you’d normaly pick a DH bike for but don’t have an uplift. The new stumpjumper (or even the 120mm bike chatever its called) would be closer to the original enduro.

    *thats a lie, its a very inspiring bike, but you need to be hitting boulder fields at mach 3 to appreciate it, not ‘rock gardens’ in the UK trail center sense.


    One Bike to rule them all… and I got it.


    I only have one Brand of bike – does this count?


    Just one bike – Yeti 575. Does everything fairly well from XC to red/black trail centre routes but that’s about as far as my bravery allows me to take it. Took a long while to get the suspension set up correctly though, and still end up tweaking it quite a bit depending on where I’m riding.

    …. though I’ve just bought a Blue pig frame to build up (see my first post just added this morning)…


    just one bike now….singlespeed Kinesis decade which does me for all the riding i have time to do these days. Mainly commuting, skatepark and local woods, dont really get out to big trail centres these days but can still manage Cannock no probs on it. I might see my way to getting a BMX soon though just for the crack.


    One Bike. Two sets of wheels. Two bars.

    Cove Handjob with Pace RC31 & XT. Swap wheels to one inch road tyres for commuting and have some narrower bars for when commuting is the norm.

    I’ve had it for four and a half years and only upgraded the stem and changed consumables. It does everthing I could ever want from a bike and I love it to bits.


    Just one bike here also and Its from Halfords . 😛
    GT Aggressor XCR It goes up and downhills which Is all I need It to do . I might treat myself for my 40th next year to something a bit better but for the time being Its ace.

    Only this one here;

    But I also have a Bionicon Ironwood, a Specialized Langster and a Specialized Tarmac stashed at various locations in the UK. I could only bring one bike to the USA, and the SS is perfect for the trails here. So for the next year or maybe more it will be the do-it-all bike.

    Just put a deposit down on a Trek Top Fuel, now all I have to do it hope it fits and decide on what I’m selling to fund it 🙂

    Premier Icon njee20

    That didn’t take you long 🙂


    2 mtbs’s here and some other things like commuters n stuff,

    I very nearly decided to make the mmmbop my 1 and only then i built up the Mojo again and realised it has to be 2.

    That didn’t take you long

    Nope, I was pretty sure about it before mailing you just needed not to hear any horror stories!


    I only have one now – a hardtail xc bike. Used to have a dh bike, xc bike, street bike and bmx but never had re time to ride them all. I would like a road bike thoughalthough the mrs may have something to say about that having not long got into golf as well

Viewing 14 posts - 81 through 94 (of 94 total)

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