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  • Who here has a 'silent' bike?
  • jackthedog

    [roadie]There is just occasionally a magical moment when a tail wind matches the speed of your progress. This perfectly cancels out the wind buffeting past your ears. When this is combined with a well maintained single speed bike running slick tyres on smooth tarmac, riding a bike feels like flying.[/roadie]

    1×10 with XTR clutch mech, quieter than a sparrows fart, until the freewheel kicks in ofcourse.

    Hadn’t realized how much so until cycling next to my friend yesterday who was on 2×9 with a chain device, thought i was being chased by a combine harvester!

    Did have a phantom click a couple of years ago on the last bike, really hard to pin down where it was coming from as it only developed at speed, eneded up stripping the crank, pedals and stem before discovering a tiny grain of sand caught between the saddle rail and the clamp…

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    SS is silent, apart from the pro 2 hub
    Road bike is silent
    FS is as quiet as a freight train thanks to a king hub, non clutched rear mech and a chain that’s a bit long.


    The day my bike is silent will be a very very good day indeed.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Road bike is full of annoying clicks and creaks at the moment and will be stripped down this week to try and remedy some of them…

    Bottom bracket bearing needs replacing. That’s 6 months and about 2000km of road riding (including a couple of very, very wet ones). I’ll get genuine Hope ones this time, rather than Enduro…

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    My Fixie is about as silent as I can imagine any bike ever being, it did have a creak that seemed to reverberate through the frame for one day, a couple of weeks ago but I traced that to the Seat post, tightened up the rail clamp and it’s as quiet as a very, very quiet thing again…

    My SS MTB isn’t bad, but it’s only when you get on that road fixie and all you really hear is tyres on tarmac that you realise just how many little noises you filter out, freewheel, cable outers tinging on tubes, the odd chain rattle…

    My 2×9 Geared HT and my DH bike both sound like a bag of spanners, which is fine, unless I start to get a rubbing rotor or a mystery creak, then it just drives me up the wall until I can trace and cure the cause.


    Mine was fine 3 weeks ago with just the chain rolling over the chain device roller making a noise. Then I went to scotland for the weekend.

    Last Tuesdays ride very nearly ended up with me having a massive tantrum about my bike being noisy and not working properly. There was a creak coming from the crank or pedals and the seatpost stopped moving when I pushed the button. This caused me to bounce on the fully extended post and rotate the saddle to an angle that was crushing my plumbs. My gears were all over the place and I just couldn’t get a consistent shift no matter what I did. I was well annoyed, I hate noisy bikes and I hate bikes that arn’t working properly.

    Turned out the axle of one of the pedals was full of gunk and that was rubbing between the axle and the bushings, I also cleaned the crank axle splines up to be sure. And rounded one of pinch bolts for good measure. The cable in my command post was almost totally seized, I don’t know why its only been on there a month or so, so that got swapped and I filled the outer with chain lube. The gears are worn out so I ordered a whole new 2×10 setup and am ditching the chain device. This will hopefully get to me today but I don’t think I will have time to get it fitted before tonights DH session, who needs gears for DH anyway?

    Oh and the HT is spot on.


    All my bikes are silent and any noise gets investigated and sorted. As somebody else wrote, a noisy bike is a badly-maintained bike.

    Last one was a creak when climbing out of the saddle on the roadie. I soon realised it was coming from the crankset; tapped out the RH Ultegra crank, put Copaslip on the areas in contact with the BB bearings and…. silence.


    My bike is slient, till I stop pedalling and the Hope Pro II Evo “sings”

    mr plow

    My enduro was super silent until the weekend, turned out I had 3 broken pawls in my pro 2 hub and I have just added the chain device for the Alps. Clickity click click.

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    Had a period when my front brake caliper was sticking and I’d get this rising whiney hum which would get louder and louder until the whole frame was resonating. A quick tap on the lever would sort it for a few seconds but then it would start building up again.

    Even when I couldn’t hear it I was tensed, listening for it to start again – like a new parent with a restless baby.

    I ended up riding about 15 miles home with the brake almost full on because it was driving me ABSOLUTELY F***ING CRAZY APES**T!!!! AAAAAARGH!

    And relax …

    I think my blood pressure’s gone up just remembering it.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    jackthedog – agreed, lovely!

    Until that moment when you turn back and you realise exactly why the ride had been so blissful!

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    and cheezpleez – had that too – NOT lovely!

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