Who hates either losing things or lending things out & not getting them back?

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  • Who hates either losing things or lending things out & not getting them back?
  • Apart from me?
    Or does it depend on what it is?


    Yes I hate it – in particular the lending things out bit.

    That said, when, in the dim & distant past, I’ve found items, I seem to cherish and care for them more than stuff I’ve bought. Maybe it’s the circumstances in which I’ve obtained them – feeling lucky etc. and not forking out myself.

    Must return that book about the suspicious death of David Kelly to the guy at the end of the street. Thanks for the reminder. Great book – had it for four months!

    I’ve made a vow to stop ‘lending’ stuff out, as invariably ‘can I borrow’ means ‘can I have with no intention of ever returning and I will make you feel like an arse for even thinking about asking for it back’. This usually refers to money amongst other things.

    On the flipside, I always go out of my way to return things – especially money on the very rare occasion that this is necessary.

    I’m always left wondering why it’s only me that seems to actually think this way though.

    Maybe I should start ‘borrowing’ keeping more!

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    Oh yes, my pet hate. I have a couple of nice kayaks, stored in a shared facility. Sometimes they are borrowed without notice which boils my wee. The finale was coming back to a snapped rudder and a crease in the deck and no obvious culprit as in nobody had asked to use it. Since then anyone that asks gets a big no. Fux me off big time. I have had to go and retrieve stuff as we’ll and my loaned out some oil heaters which we have never seen again. Just rude. On the opposite my awesome neighbour borrowed our house when we were away for a night and we shared a lovely bottle of macallan on him !


    I’ve lost countless books and CDs over the years.. in fact people came to see me as some sort of educational charity foundation I think..

    ‘OOOooooh, where can I get a really good book..?’
    ‘Go and see yunki, he has excellent books and always gives them away for free.. his music collection is excellent too, why don’t you grab an album while you’re there’

    I would even get complete strangers turning up

    ‘hi, you don’t know me but so and so said you have a great book collection, could I borrow something some fiction please.. something gritty set in a Northern town perhaps..?’

    I was collecting books and music primarily as a resource for any kids that I may have in the future as my parents had naff all culture for us to look at when we were little..

    +1 I have totally irrational hatred of losing anything.


    Tools especially!

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    having had a few bad experiences I never now lend tools to anyone. I have lost track of the books I have lent to people and not had back 🙁

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    I don’t have time to re-read books so I give them away rather than lending them out.

    Tools only get lent to responsible adults, I don’t mind if I have to ask for them back – we’re all busy people.

    Not returning records or CDs is the height of rudeness in my eyes though.

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