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  • Premier Icon njee20

    Me! Well, maybe not, but it's not bad!

    Frame – S-Works Epic
    Forks – Specialized Futureshock E100
    Shock – Specialized Futureshock
    Shifters – Sram X.0 Grip Shift
    Rear Mech – Sram X.0 med cage with carbon jockey wheels
    Front Mech – Shimano XTR
    Crankset – Specialized S-Works BB30, 28/40 with alu bolts
    Casette – Shimano XTR
    Chain – KMC X9 SL
    Grips – Posh Bikes foam
    Bars – New Ultimate Carbon
    Bar ends – Smica carbon with alu bolts
    Stem – New Ultimate with ti bolts
    Headset – Cane Creek Integrated
    Saddle – Specialized Phenom SL 130
    Seatpost – New Ultimate Carbon
    Brakes – Avid Ultimate Mag SL (Ultimate levers, Elixir calipers) Hope Pro floating rotors (160/140)
    Wheels – Roval Controle SL
    Skewers – Tune
    Pedals – Egg Beaters with ti axles
    Tyres – Schwalbe, usually Rocket Ron Evo 2" with Stan's
    Cables – Alligator I-links with Power Cordz inners

    Only got the photo as it was specced when I first got it, few changes since, as listed above:


    Entry requirement should be XTR cassette or GTFO!

    Well done njee20 *pats on head*

    Premier Icon njee20

    @njee……..no yumeya – pah.


    Can we see it?

    Will you get it out for the lads?


    all my bikes 🙂


    Daffy has some pretty tasty bikes..

    Frame- Pipedream Titanium
    Fork- Fox F100 RLT
    Shifters- X9 trigger
    Rear Mech- X9
    Front Mech- X9
    Crankset- Shimano XT
    Cassette SRAM PC990
    Chain SRAM PC991
    Bars- FSA K Force
    Headset- King
    Saddle- Spesh Toupe
    Seatpost- Thomson
    Brake Hope Mono minis
    Wheels- Hope Hoops on DT 4.2's
    Skewers- Hope
    Pedals Eggbeater SL's
    Tyres Nobby Nicks/Mud X

    Premier Icon glenh

    njee – sort that grass out man!

    Premier Icon njee20

    Too much bike washing has rather killed it sadly! That was taken in January too, it looks rather more healthy now. That's the parents place anyway, don't live there any more!

    What's meant by best?

    Most expensive? Lightest? Best value for money? Hardest used? Cleanest? Dirtiest?

    i win – chris king hubs and headset, yumeya, thomson, CCDB, fox, xtr, CNT etc…….
    it rides like sh1te [joke] but it looks great on the net 😀


    xt rear mech ???


    njee20 = *WINNER*

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    Where's the yumeya t_l_r? My eyes aren't the best these days….

    Premier Icon njee20

    Non matching rims too!


    Yumeya dust caps?

    Yumeya rim tape? 😆

    yumeya chain 😀

    rims do match, just not in that pic 😀


    no sorry, best specc'd does not equal the most money spent

    Premier Icon Daffy

    Go on then, I'm game. I can't quite match Njee but, whadaboot best spec FOR the money?

    Large (nuclear pesto) Ibis Mojo,
    Cane Creek 110 headset,
    Fox Talas 150mm QR15,
    Chris king MANGO (yeah!) hubs on ZTR Olympic Rims,
    XTR Chainset, Mechs, Shifters, Cassette,
    Hope Ceramic BB,
    SRAM PC991 Hollowpin chain
    Avid Ultimate Brakes with Goodridge hoses and Green Hope Pro floating rotors,
    Bontrager XXX carbon stem and bars,
    Easton EC90 carbon seatpost,
    SLR XC Saddle,


    Independent Fabrication Steel Deluxe,
    CK headset,
    DT XRC100 forks,
    Mavic Crossmax SLR wheelset,
    XTR Chainset, Mechs, Shifters, Chain and Cassette
    Archos Ceramic BB,
    Hope Mono Mini brake with Carbon Levers and Hope Pro Rotors,
    Bontrager XXX Carbon Stem,
    Easton EC90SL OS bars,
    Thomson Masterpiece Seatpost,
    Charge Spoon Saddle,


    Salsa Mamsita 29er
    CK headset,
    DT XRC100 29er forks,
    CK hubs on Stans Arch,
    XTR Chainset, Mechs, Shifters, Cassette,
    Hope Ceramic BB,
    SRAM PC991 Hollowpin Chain,
    Bontrager XXX carbon Bars and Stem,
    Thomson Masterpice Seatpost,
    Selle Italia Genuine Gel saddle.

    £1315 + bars stem and seatpost which I already had.

    In terms of value for money I gotta get something? No?


    Definatly not me, but here goes anyway…

    Frame – Cannondale Rush
    Forks – Fox Float 32 RL
    Shock – Fox Float RP23
    Shifters – Sram X7
    Rear Mech – Sram X7
    Front Mech – Shimano Deore
    Crankset – Shimano SLX
    Casette – Shimano HG80
    Grips – ODI Ruffian
    Bars – Easton EA70
    Stem – Thompson X4
    Headset – Hope
    Saddle – SDG Bel Air
    Seatpost – Easton EA50
    Brakes – Tektro Auriga Comp (160/160)
    Rims – Specialized RHD
    Hubs – Specialized Hi Lo
    Tyres – Specialized The Captain

    *Old Photo*

    Your Turn! 😉


    The Ibis loses points for the fugly seatpost but then gets a few bonus points back for being GREEN :mrgreen:

    Premier Icon ComradeD

    DO you live in Leeds Daffy? i recognise those buildings

    Premier Icon aracer

    I suppose I should have a go:

    Frame – Scott Genius RC Ltd
    Forks – Pace RC39 (customised shorter lockout cable using Gore UL outer, and cut down lockout lever)
    Shock – Scott TC
    Shifters – XTR M970 triggers
    Rear Mech – XTR M970 long cage standard
    Front Mech – XT M750 E-type (lighter than any XTR e-type)
    Crankset – FSA Carbon pro
    BB – American Classic
    Casette – Shimano XTR
    Chain – KMC X9 SL
    Grips – Bontrager foam
    Bars – FRM carbon
    Bar ends – Extralite
    Stem – Syntace F99 with ti bolts
    Headset – Extralite Scalehead
    Saddle – SLR ti
    Seatpost – Scott carbon
    Brakes – Formula B4 SL, Hope floating rotors (160/140), ti bolts
    Wheels – Stans Olympic on Tune King/Kong, DT Rev spokes
    Skewers – Extralite
    Pedals – XTR M970 (had Exustar MagTi, but they wore out)
    Tyres – Schwalbe Racing Ralphs with Stans
    Cables – Gore Ultralight
    Bottle cage – Bontrager XL
    Lube – Purple Extreme
    Computer – Cateye Enduro
    Mapboard – custom kevlar sandwich


    was that mamasita an e-bay/secondhand bargain daffy?

    my turn

    frame : Rocky Mountain Element
    fork : Fox vanilla RLCs PUSHed
    Shock : Fox Float RPL
    Bar / stem : Easton EA70
    Headset : hope
    BB : Hope ceramic
    cranks : M970 XTR
    Pedals : Shimano M959
    Front mech : Deore (the shame of it!)
    Rear mech : M970 XTR
    Cassette : XT
    Shifters : M970 XTR
    Brakes : M970 XTR
    Wheels : Stans Olympics on Hope ProII hubs
    Seatpost : Thopmson
    Sear : SDG Bel air

    Built up to be reliable and go a long way quickly, which it seems to do very nicely thankyou very much. Recent arrival of daughter will preclude any further up-dates so we'll find out how durable all of the able is over the next few years

    Premier Icon Daffy

    Yes, in Leeds.

    The Mamasita frame was SH. The rest was bought as bits.


    God there are some rich people on here.

    Daffy – the Ibis looks lovely, but aren't the rims a bit lightweight for that kind of bike. Also, £1700? How?


    Alternative topic title "Who has the tiniest willy"?

    Premier Icon ComradeD

    Ahh thought so, i'm up in Headingley

    how about my Ti456 :
    xtr, ck hubs + headset, 2010 FLOAT RLC 15mm BT, yumeya, thomson, etc etc NEXT SL carbon, CNT etc …this doesn't ride sh1t, but is a carving fukkn classic 😀

    Rorschach – Member

    Alternative topic title "Who has the tiniest willy"?

    i win that too by SOME margin 😀

    Premier Icon Daffy

    the Ibis looks lovely, but aren't the rims a bit lightweight for that kind of bike. Also, £1700? How?

    Nope, Stans rims are good and strong and the suspension takes the sting out of the hits. I'd be more wary of running them on a hardtail.

    WRT the price – It's all second hand, bought as parts and built up.

    My funds are tiny (as apparently is my knob) but, I'm pretty savvy when sourcing bits.


    Daffy – Member

    The Mamasita frame was SH.

    i ask because it looks just like a work mates stolen one


    The home truths about Nick's Epic…

    Frame – S-Works Epic – Broken
    Forks – Specialized Futureshock E100 – Broken LOADS of times
    Shock – Specialized Futureshock – Broken LOADS of times
    Crankset – Specialized S-Works BB30, 28/40 with alu bolts – Broken (well, the BB is)
    Headset – Cane Creek Integrated – Broken
    Cables – Alligator I-links with Power Cordz inners – Keep not working

    So super bling not necessarily "better".

    Only joking mate – that is a very nice bike, I've been jealous of it for at least 2 years!!



    " i ask because it looks just like a work mates stolen one "


    Premier Icon aracer

    God there are some rich people on here.

    Would you be saying that if the thread was about cars and people were posting about their brand new Focuses, Golfs etc.? My bike is admittedly not cheap for a bike, but nothing compared to the amount people spend on normal family cars. I've bought 3 MTBs, a CX bike and a couple of road bikes in the time I've had my car, but all of that lot still cost less than a fairly ordinary car, and lots of people would have had 3 cars in that time.


    njee20, nice try but i'm afraid one of the main components is made by specialized!

    Premier Icon Daffy

    T'was bought offof here about 8 months ago, for sale by a regular poster.

    Did it have any distinguising features? All salsa Mamsitas are gonna look that same ain't they…

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