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  • Who has snapped a set of forks?
  • LoCo

    The maxle could also cause that damage, again if hit ‘just right’, having fixed Wookie’s forks, it looked very much like it was the maxle spinning backwards and puncturing the lowers as opposed to a rock.

    cbmotorsport – Member

    So it’s just bad luck, and not a result of having your maxle forward of your lower?

    I only ask as I always run mine forward.


    More likely to catch the lever, as it sticks out further, I’d say.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    I broke a Set of (admittedly ancient) Z5’s…

    I had decided a pair of old XC forks were the best thing to fit to a bike mostly used for Dirt jumping, after one rather “Robust” landing I noticed they seemed to have acquired quite a bit of extra rake, a quick inspection showed an utterly bolloxed crown and some damage to the stanchions, they were duly binned…

    I also snapped the lower brace on a pair of MXC’s again, they had to go in the bin…

    I seem to have had he worst luck with cheaper Marzocchi forks more than any others…

    my 32mm boxxers are still going, but I’ve seen a few sets with chunks taken out of the lowers, I must have just been lucky…


    Last year I fought a tree, and the tree won.

    Maybe we need a set of these



    Learnt the hard way not to have your maxle lever in front of the fork!

    Cheers, hadnt even considered that happening until i saw your picture!…thats how i have my maxle lever, just changed it so the lever lays behind the fork now.

    Premier Icon stevied

    I bent a set of rigid forks on my old Raleigh Avanti, doing a rather large drop-off 😳

    Premier Icon roverpig

    Given the habit that Aluminium has of failing catastrophically you’d have to question the sanity of anybody who would use components made of the stuff to throw themselves down mountains. Good fun though 😀


    Snapped a set of RS SID teams at the crown kept noticing my wheel was never aligned proper though it was flexing till the forks snapped. Searched the STW thread turn out a batch of SIDS was made with the lowers 5mm out contacted CRC they got them replaced under warranty.

    Also bent my Kona project 2’s hit a rut in epping forest.


    I snapped the steerer just above the crown on an early set of RC31’s, just before they were recalled.


    this thread is going to give me nightmares. Not so fussed about bending them, but the bars just seperating in my hands isn’t a nice thought. Whats causing these, is everyone just massively gnar, or did you overtighten your stems/starnuts?

    come to think of it, does anyone ever check their steerers for cracks? I’ve never, but thinking I might start….

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