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  • Who has got the torrential rain then?
  • mogrim

    Frankenstein – Member
    You son of a…


    Sort of, I live here – the joy of a sunny morning starts to wear off when you have to go to work anyway… And it’s bloody cold in winter. And stupidly hot in summer, which is nice when you go to the pool but crap if you want to go running, for example…

    Lady Gresley

    (wanders back indoors after lying on garden chair in glorious sunshine)

    Not bad up at my beloved’s in Blackpool. 8)


    My facebook suggests South Essex is flooding quite seriously – which is nice as I moved away over a year ago – friends are posting lots of videos of the seafront flooding.

    Stafford is nice and dry, the kids and I did 11.5Km earlier, good work for a 6 year old and an 8 year old.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    forecast dry tomorrow and monday now here, been dry all day here too NWAlps

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge

    Been a stunningly good day in the shire.


    Lashing it down in North Kent right now.

    Hopefully it missed the Surrey Hills, though I suspect not…


    Parts of SE Essex are flooding badly! Southend seafront is a mess and standing water came above my car door sills when i went out an hour ago here in Rayleigh , all within 10 hours or so….trails are gonna be shagged 🙄

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Well, here in Hampshire it’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow. Guess who’s not long discovered a flat tyre on the car? 😐

    Not been on a bike for 3 months due to various reasons, the bloomin’ weekend that I decide to ride and get obstacles thrown at me. Obviously not meant to ride. 😐


    A balmy 30deg here in Greece.


    Parts of SE Essex are flooding badly

    Civilisation is ending here, they’ve had to shut Waitrose due to flooding… Oh the humanity!!!.. 🙁
    [prepares weapons for trip to Asda]

    Premier Icon senor j

    Had a character building 27 mile into work this morning.
    6.am start into a lovely headwind and heavy rain,and l’il J was up at 3am & 5am!!
    Surprised to see quite a few bikes heading south ,is there some kind of sportive on today in Herts?

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Just watched the local news on the Beeb and some Southend local was recounting how his car was submerged by the water.
    Cut to Shogun (I think) with snorkel running up the A Pillar showing people rescuing his wife and 3 kids from the car just before it sank. Matey boy is stating on the interview that he thought he would reach shallow water.
    Half-wit with 4×4 who nearly killed his family trying to prove he had a go anywhere car but not the skills to drive it properly.


    I planned to ride the SDW yesterday, got the train to Winchester at 5:40 and managed only 73 miles bailing when I got to my house near Brighton. The rain was fine, nice and warm but the wet chalk on a singlespeed is not fun. None of the climbs were do able as you span out in the slippy stuff. Ah well bring on the crisp winter days for the next dry trail days 🙂

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