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  • who has a ragley piglet?
  • iridebikes

    SHow me your pics! what do you think of it?

    I currently have a genesis latitude, but i sometimes feel its a bit too xc for me, i mean its got a 50 mm stem and wide bars etc. the piglet looks great as it has a slightly longer top tube, slacker head angle and lower bottom bracket. I dont want an overbuilt bike so im tempted to get one.

    Persuade me either way please


    buy the frame and swap the bits over….

    although by going what i’ve read i think the piglet is a bit more XC than the blue pig.


    yeah, thats what I would do. I used to own a mmm bop, which was a good bike, but very slack and really I think I want a xc bike that feels as close to a bmx as possible but is still good for climbing etc, and descending. Basically i want the moon on a stick.

    I love the genesis, i might just stick with it


    If you want something that feels fun to ride then try out a Trailstar or a Surge.

    I have one. Interestingly, I don’t find it xc enough, so will perhaps be just what you’re after. If you want a 20″ frame, mine’s for sale.

    Premier Icon mutley

    me. 17″ greenie

    not really that xc, huuuuuuuuge fun to ride. descends brilliantly but also climbs really well, which was a surprise. 130mm revs, 23″ toptube, 60mm stem and 711mm bars. and its wierdly quiet to ride because of all the cunning little bolt on hose guides


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    I’m interested in a Ragley Pig, mmmBop or Piglet – from the research I’ve done and response from Ragley it’s all about the riding you want to do. The Piglet is optimised for around 120m forks and the Pig/mmmBop for around 140, there is cross over around 130 between the two bikes from what I see.

    Personally as I want a bike for trails with drops etc the Pig/mmmBop with 140 or 150 with a lockout are current favourites.

    All the owners of the various models who’ve replied say they’ve loved their bikes and they are a lot of fun which after all is the whole point.


    Hello, I’ve got an Ivory Piglet and love it.

    I had to replace my Rockhopper frame as the chain stay developed a nasty crack after being pushed a little too hard round the Beast of Brenin. Having being put off Al as a hardtail material due to it’s love for cracking I went for good old fashioned steel.

    I’m liking the Piglet’s slack angles a lot with bags of stability when descending. I’ve fitted the Ragley 55mm stem and their 710mm bars. The 17″ frame did feel a little compact for me (I’m 6ft) so I popped a layback seat post on and it’s just the job. It does take a little more effort getting up the hills though, but it could just be me being out of shape this winter!

    Mine has a pretty functional setup with nothing too fancy at all. Deore / XT groupset, Tektro brakes and a Reba fork. To be honest I could lose a bit of weight with lighter wheels, I’ve got 521’s at the moment with Specialized’s Captain and Purgatory tires. They are probably the reason I doesn’t climb so well but they’re bomb proof which helps when taking drops and jumps…. badly!

    If you need any more info let me know. 😀


    IMG_0141 by Yorkshirebiking, on Flickr
    Out the box 18″ Piglet X9.
    Great bike. 27.1lbs without pedals out of the box. Wide bars, short stem. Good kit and wheels with sealed bearings 🙂


    My Piglet with 762mm wide bars Thomson stem and post
    Very nice to ride, I love it.
    (iphone photos)



    Like the blue color and the ivory. shame they have stopped the ivory. can you have the x9 in the blue or is it only for the x7 ?


    Test rode a Piglet and a Blue Pig MK2, Only went for the blue pig, because I got a good deal on it. I am a bit stupid, and didnt really notice any difference between the ride of the 2 bikes.

    I ride the Blue Pig all over, XC, DH, you name it. I havent ridden my Genius since Ive had the Pig. Defo recommend A Pig/Piglet.

    Here’s mine:

    Now stripped and turned into a 22″ Kona. Really nice frame, but a touch too small for me at 6’6″.


    Just got a 20″ Piglet 3 wks ago.
    It’s Beautiful at descending and more fun than my full sus.

    Climbing is another bag altogether.

    It’s an absolute dog!

    On steep climbs it wants to wheelie and although you can lean further forward this gets tedious on long XC days!

    However with dashboard tweaking and some lightening in other areas it could well perfect!

    a 110mm stem and the seat a nudge back will make an incredible difference I think.

    Convinced the frame is magic. Bike just needs personal tweaking.

    I appreciate its designed as a fun bike so as far as design goes I think Ragley are top notch.

    Also, the Ragley’s own parts are by far the best quality “own parts” I’ve seen on any bike. Just a shame their sizing doesn’t suit me!

    Premier Icon mutley

    the front on my 17″ only lifts on very steep chilterns stuff, with a 70mm stem, saddle set in the middle and 711mm bars.

    stick at it, you’ll know when you get it right. they climb like crazy once you get it set up right 😀


    If you want something fun or Bmx-like try a dialled Prince Albert. Flipping brilliant frames.

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