Who had a fun ride today and has come home feeling happy?

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  • Who had a fun ride today and has come home feeling happy?
  • emsz

    Really muddy (more than I expected), and I was sliding around all over the place. Warm though. was out for 3 hours in all.


    Nice 48 minute sprint ride before lunch as a revision break. Good fun.


    Me , got muddy did 15 odd miles , one the guys did his back in, two of us carried on. Did loads of kenda small 8 slides !! But had an excellent finish nice and fast , came home very happy

    Jealous. Sitting it T3 waiting for a flight. No ride today 🙁


    A 40 around the roads of Staffordshire, chilling out with that nice tired legs feeling…


    You did!

    Not me though, been in works since 7am 🙁


    Cut Gate out and back with a jaunt round ladybower, Cut Gate really is one of the best trails.

    30 miles to around and back from Tunnel Hill.


    Yes, went out for a gentle ride with a mate who’s coming back from an injury to break the new Lyriks in.

    Anna B

    Me!! Been working away all week, exercising in a gym 😐 Getting out, getting fresh air, getting muddy today felt like being released. So yes, came home feeling very happy 🙂


    Haven’t ridden today.

    pulled a muscle yesterday so i decided not to ride today. Hate my decision as it’s such nice weather.

    [hand up]

    I got mud spattered as the recent heavy rains had filled trail holes and some corners with slippery goop. But everywhere else it was still really grippy and fast. Cracking little ride with plenty of sunshine, and brief pub stop too.


    Mine started off with a hotdog and coffee from the farmers market…

    Premier Icon Clink

    Yep – me and David were out buzz. You on Mendips too? Surprisingly dry in places.


    Yeah! 76 miles of roadie Gr. Notts. Bike Ride with a couple of riding buddies. Big respect to the guy on the slick tyred Specialized Stumpy HT who hung on to the back of our little pace line at 20+ mph for the final 25 miles into a headwind!

    “You on Mendips too? “

    Yes I was out between 11am-2-30pm, parked at the top of Burrington Combe, with a brief stop at The Crown.


    Road spin up the Conwy valley to Betws y Coed and backin the sun 🙂

    Legs a bit tired after spending yesterday hiking in the mountains … wish weekends were longer!

    Nice 3 hour trip out to Whiteleaf and Wendover Woods. No rain, minor Chilterns splodge but still pretty quick. Big smile!


    Ride out this morning at 5am, to have a nosey at the riders in the 24hr race here in the isle of man.

    They were phuqed, but still in good spirits.

    Personally we did 50km in 2:45, off road, muddy, a bit cold in the extremities, but smiling and happy we went out.


    Did a chunk of the South Downs and ended up doing the leg home with hundreds of people doing the London-to-Brighton. Weird but great way to end a ride.

    Love Tubs

    Nope, I never get out. I just lurk on the forums like an addicted deviant.

    + my bushes need replacing 🙁

    We are the hollow men, we are the stuffed men
    Leaning together, headpiece fill with straw….


    Got a 100 miler road ride in earlier, first one for a while and legs are feeling quite tired. Carb up time before a 60 miler before work tomorrow 🙂


    I extended my commute slightly and took in the delight that is Spillers flour mill being demolished on the Tyne.

    Then, on the homeward bound leg of the same journey i went the longererer way.

    A James

    Brim ham loop, but tame but good for a spin…

    Premier Icon ampthill

    In laws pump track. Tode onto the woods and aroun and back to the in laws pump track

    I think thats a great afternoon

    70KM of wet, heavy going gravel roads, beautiful riding on the cross bike

    Premier Icon piha

    Three of us had a lovely pootle today, taking in the Hogs Back, St Marthas, Pitch, Holmbury & Leith hills then up to the North Downs and home again. Quite a bit of mud on the trails and a little slippy in places. Bike washed and now I’m eyeing a pint of London Pride that needs opening.


    First road club run in ages. Did 70 miles, watched some pro racing (tour of the reservoir) had cake and coffee then road home. Amazingly missing all the really heavy showers.

    Feel like I’ve been for a ride but not actually come back exhausted which is nice.


    Happy as a dog with two d….

    Yesterday I HT’ed it up to Old Winny and back 64k and today I roadied all over the Downs 98k. My legs were tired this morning from yesterday, but once loosened up they did thier best to keep me smiling.
    Just finished watching the TdeSuisse and burping after tea and soreen.. currently lying comatose on the sofa in the sun…. wehay.

    2 full days on the bikes. My as* and legs ache. Brilliant.

    Someone said once about life not getting any better.. Who he??

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Riding? Lost my mojo and too much packing to do. 🙁


    Me me me me! Muddy puddly ride around Swinley, stacking on Stickler when my front wheel tucked under on one of the berms. Cake and tea mid way through. Pleasant company. Can’t beat it.


    28 miles of Surrey Hills goodness. A little slippy but not too bad 🙂

    Premier Icon maxray

    Aye, a few hours up cannock, the off piste fairys never cease to amaze me! Loved getting muddy when there was the respite of fast dusty sections… very happy indeed.

    Me, a couple of laps of my local loop, nice. Shins are humming with nettle stings though, bit of rain and everything’s overgrown like a jungle.


    Summit 65 today. Good event: will be back next year


    Fun spin round Innerleithens off piste delights.

    epic trails on dartmoor. the rain is exactly what was needed. dust has gone and tyres are digging in just lovely.

    one of the best days of the summer so far.

    Premier Icon valleydaddy

    took the little ones out on their scooters eldest had a big incident, usual scrapes.

    out on bike tomorrow myself 😉


    Quick lactic and custard cream filled 50k this afternoon.Did 190k hillfest on the road yesterday so was’nt going to bother but felt guilty after watching 4 hours of WSB this morning.Happy because I saw 3 mx tools riding illegally on the moors get arrested after being chased by the 5-0 chopper,one was going to try running me off the bridleway to escape…. until I picked up a massive rock!!Result 😀

    Not me. Rode with a couple of friends over to Farnham to watch the National 50s, but my legs had nothing in them, unlike my friemds who were absolutely flying. Added to that, the weather was very windy and cold. Managed to watch for about 30 mins and decided it was too cold to sit by the roadside any longer, so we rode home with me just about hanging on for the first 10 miles and then being dropped. Not my finest ride.

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