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  • Who had a big crash in 2010?
  • joolsburger

    High speed washout and head took a bit of a knock that left me in AE for 12 hours under observation as I couldn’t remember my name, cracked three ribs at the same time and the usual lacerations.
    Dislocated collarbone grade 3 when a tree jumped out on me.

    Otherwise all good and only lost a few weeks riding.

    Premier Icon woody2000

    As other posters, had a stupid rather than big off that left me with some stitches and glue in my right shin, followed by a 2 week course of horse strength antibiotics to kill the infection in the wound 🙁

    Nice scar though, and only a couple of weeks off the bike!


    Came off very hard and very fast coming down Ventoux in a sudden downpour. Wheels locked up and I went off the side of the road, landed on my head on a pile of nicely positioned rocks. Was off the bike for about 3 months. Lots of physio. But the most annoying thing was it happened on the 2nd day of a 2 week holiday. Missed out on loads of mtbing and the chance to do d’Huez. Hopefully will get another shot this year, or next.


    Face planted onto rock at Fort Bill on the red run when wheel went into a hole – had left my ff at home – doh but not too bad

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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