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  • Who gets stressed? How do you deal with it?
  • Rorschach

    Leffe (and a crap/stress free job)

    Masturbation and fighting.

    Premier Icon darrenspink

    Drink drink drink

    Oh…and pen and paper next to my bed to make a list. I find this organisers my brain and stops me fretting. A lot of stress is caused by allowing yourself to think of too many things at once.

    Premier Icon bigjim

    I’m the same recently – either can’t get to sleep or fall asleep but wake up shortly after with the same old work thoughts buzzing through my mind, sometimes get up for a bowl of cereal to try and break the train of thought. Been up to 5am a couple of times recently, then up a couple of hours later for work, euch.

    It isn’t healthy, looking for a new job is going to be approach to dealing with it anyway.

    Fighting, (not in the streets… I’m not a thug, Muay Thai / Boxing) But I don’t get stressed no more. Switched to a stress free job.
    Try something that makes you concentrate on the matter in hand rather than work. I found Muay Thai was good for this, you don’t want your mind wandering to work next week when someone is trying to elbow you on the nose.. Plus the workout makes you feel good about your self.


    Lists. I find that if I have too much in my head going round and round I can end up getting stressed and struggling to sleep. It’s like I’m trying to remember everything all at once. Writing down a list of jobs, with ‘sub-tasks’ under each one (thinking about work here, but applies to other stuff too.) works for me.

    Once it’s all down on paper it’s easy to prioritise it.


    I’ve only found myself really stressed once in my life. Spent hours awake thinking something over. Got up and wrote 3 sides of a4 paper, went back to bed and slept like a log. Other than that I just don’t put myself in a stressful position, I live within my means, I don’t let work rule my life, (if it did, I’d jack it in) and I try to be nice to people whatever is happening. Life’s too short to be miserable about something.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Leave my job at work. Dont think about, or talk about work when im not there. Try not to worry about things you cannot influence. Definitely dont lose sleep over stupid things, stupid people or stupid work.


    Lists – here. Write down everything I need to do tomorrow before I leave so I can forget about it.

    Ride a bike? I find hard riding either physically or technically to be very relaxing as you are very much in the moment worrying about crashing and not jobs for tomorrow. You can replace bikes with something else that requires focus.


    Yes. Badly.


    wrote 3 sides of a4 paper

    Make lists if it helps, or just vent. Get any bad stuff out of your head and onto the paper. Odds are, a lot of your concerns will look trivial once they’re written down.
    And it helps to list priorities. Your family and yourself should be top of this list.

    Mindfulness (using the Headspace app)
    Keeping (or at least trying to) things in perspective.
    Solo rides.

    I’m very much a work in progress.


    Angry yet helpless so divert all my energy into learning new things … 😡

    Can’t sleep well or over slept.

    Premier Icon dirtyboy

    Killing spree

    Premier Icon somafunk

    So you let work intrude into your home life, you awake during the night with thoughts of work, and if thats not enough you spend the longest day of the year actually at work to get ahead for the following week to the detriment of your family? – do you think your boss/owner of the company/conglomerate actually gives a shite about you and the hours you work – reality check!…they couldn’t give a flying **** as to how you feel as long as the work gets done so either mtfu and tell them to do one or change your lifestyle so life starts to become fun and something you look forward to again.

    There…you can have that advice for free and i won’t bill you for it.

    (somafunk : lazy arse work shy shirker on 18hrs a week and that’s quite enough to pay the pay the rent and leave enough for food and the odd treat whilst leaving a 5 day weekend to do with as i please)

    Are you mad or just mentally insane?, on your deathbed will your last words be “I wish i spent more time at work

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    Are you mad or just mentally insane?, on your deathbed will your last words be “I wish i spent more time at work”

    A good friend once told me “cemeteries are full of indispensable people”

    as above


    Just think.

    Whats the worse that can happen.

    I run my own business.

    I try to let it wash over me, just think in years to come what you’re worrying about now won’t matter.

    Edit: somafunk has it


    Sometimes stress comes from the situation you’re in. In which case either change the situation or your response to it.

    Sometimes the stress comes from you – from negative thought patterns, usually stemming from childhood. In which case, therapy (CBT seems to be most effective.

    In general: eat healthily, avoid alcohol, get lots of exercise, spend time outdoors, get good quality and quantity of sleep, avoid negative people/people who bring stress into your life. Lots of stuff really.

    Yoga and meditation are good too. They’re ancient practices, which in itself is quite reassuring – stress is nothing new or unique to you.

    Lots of self-help books out there too.

    If this is not a one-off episode then I’d be thinking about self-help books or therapy to learn some techniques for dealing with it. If it’s one-off short term work pressure, just keep an eye on yourself and make sure it doesn’t get any worse.


    Last night was another episode of allowing thoughts of work to waken me up and wander into another room at 0200hrs to allow me to start planning for next week. Also went into work today get a head start….good for me mentally but not for the family.

    Now is waking up through the night stress or simply being conscientious?

    How do others deal with the busy brain?


    I find a stiff negroni or two helps. I say that as someone who spent 10hrs in the office on this beautiful day because my deadlines are crazy. Part of me loves the pressure, part of me thinks I’m too old for this shit.

    Premier Icon ton

    my own rules for a stress free life.

    1. dont ever become a boss
    2. only ever take a job that i can cycle to. 32yrs employed so far.
    3. never stretch myself financially.
    4. leave a job if i dont like it, another will come along.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I got stressed. I dealt with it by being off work for about 6 months then got a different job with a boss that wasn’t a ****.


    … and never lend a big chunk of your life saving to your sibling(s) … 😮


    I used to. And I used to deal with it badly. Violence, drinking, lots of aggression. There was a point where I couldn’t handle someone getting better of me, whether they really had or not. I was relentless. I bore grudges until I felt they were resolved. Stressed me out massively. Certainly related to a mental disorder or two.

    Thankfully mostly gone now. I’m way more relaxed now. Different person completely. I didn’t really do anything to fix it though. Just grew up and chilled out. Realised how unimportant it all was. I see that same stuff as laughable now.

    If I could identify causes I’d *guess*, mostly simply a screwed up head. The rest was about taking things too seriously.


    I stopped getting stressed so much when I realised I’m getting old. The odd thing does get me going though.

    Such as when people leave the lid of a highlighter.

    Or put a key back in the (numbered and labelled,) keybox in the wrong place.

    I am normal right?


    There’s a certain plant that grows naturally everywhere in the world, for some reason it’s illegal (imagine if the potato was illegal, crazy huh?) anyway combine that plant with some cycling and & tunes & a nice summer evening and you have the perfect recipe to remove any stress from your life.


    Khat? 😉

    Whether you’re a ‘list person’ or not, make use of them. I have a white board to keep track of all my projects and how they inter-relate (I work from home a lot). As above, when externalised, tasks aren’t as huge as they feel when bouncing around your skull at 3am. Ride bikes! Would like to be able to say ‘work less’, but as an academic work is more of a vocation than a job – ie, you do so much of it you’re in trouble if you’re not interested in what you do! 😀

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    alcohol, bikes and excessively violent computer games or incredibly absorbing ones.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    ….Mindfulness (using the Headspace app)…

    Downloaded and sat the first Ten done last night after reading this. Found it good, slept from 11.00 – 7.30 straight.

    I bottle all mine up. It would be booze but I give it up for fitness. I really wish I could be like those who can just not be concerned – specifically about work. I can’t seem to help to worry about stuff constantly.


    I’m with somafunk and ton, i used to stress over nothing, now work 25hrs a week, while most are striving to die as “rich” as possible i’m cycling to a country real ale pub for lunch.
    You’ll never beat it without tackling the root of the problem.


    Running, or at least some sort of physical/cardio exercise. If I don’t run or something for a while, I can feel myself getting twitchy.

    Shooting helps as well. Focussing on nothing but breathing and making sure that the little bit of lead hits the target from 1000yards is a great way to meditate.

    Sport, reading and family and a bit of the harmless distraction that is STW.

    Premier Icon Coyote

    Normally, get out on the bike. However with other family commitments and crazy stuff at work I didn’t have the required couple of hours / half day to ride as I wanted. This added to the stress as I wasn’t working things through by riding, conscious of losing fitness and feeling like I wasn’t in control.

    I joined a gym, one of the Pure Gym chain. Complete turnaround. I go four times a week for an hour or more each time and get a damn good workout. I go later on in the evening, usually 8 – 8:30. Can be done and tucked up for 10:30. It’s made a massive difference, a very positive experience all round.

    Premier Icon bigad40

    +1 Mindfulness

    Post traumatic stress disorder is about as depressing and stressful as it sounds
    I went through a brilliant therapy through the NHS with a couple of amazing psychiatrist ‘s.
    We did Cognative behavioural therapy the bulk of which was being mindful of your immediate surroundings.
    Basic stuff like breathing.
    Fast forward a few years and my gets booked off work with severe depression.
    She’s finishing up with a psycologist who has reintroduced her to mindfulness.
    Again back to basics with breathing being one of the exercises, she now doesn’t wake up at 2am and worry but wakes up at 2am, practises breathing and before is sound asleep.

    You can find this stuff on you tube.

    All the best!

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Just did 8 sessions of CBT for this exact problem. Helped enormously


    2. only ever take a job that i can cycle to.

    After two weeks of sleepless nights trying to decide, I have just declined a job offer that included a 60 mile commute. It was an extra 20k but after you take the tax and commuting cost off that, it’s a big chunk of my time for not a lot.

    Doesn’t help when the alternative with my present job is a 25 minute cycle commute half of which is woodland trails. 🙂

    Premier Icon ton

    IanW…….well done mate
    work to live mate, not the opposite…… 😀


    Might save your life


    Good responses on this thread.
    I avoid histrionic people in general as I find them very stressful.
    Other than that, regular holidays if possible, or a change of job.
    Outside that bike rides, reading, the odd booze-up with like-minded company. And now showing my age, the odd bit of gardening, although I have yet to attain Monty Don’s level of zen.


    my own rules for a stress free life.

    1. dont ever become a boss
    2. only ever take a job that i can cycle to. 32yrs employed so far.
    3. never stretch myself financially.
    4. leave a job if i dont like it, another will come along

    well said that man,

    Also no mater how hard you work and how much you think youre thought of at work there will always be somebody who will do more for less money, and then you will become a distant memory.

    So many people work long hours in failing companies with failed management trying to pull things around, and sometimes fail, along with their health.

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