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  • Who else likes long car journeys?
  • wingnut31

    The one that will always stay in my mind was in 1999 when we went to watch the Monte Carlo rally. From LLandovery in wales to Gap in France, watched the whole rally including a spin in to Monte Carlo itself, then all the way back home again a few days later, fantastic trip…


    I usually drive from Fife to near Limoges in France once or twice a year.

    It’s almost a thousand miles, and maybe 15 hours driving. Leaving Fife after the evening rush hour and heading south into the night, the roads are quieter. By the time we reach the ferry from Dover there is seldom anything else other than late night ferry traffic.

    Driving in France is always a pleasure. Roads good, drivers considerate, lane discipline great too.

    I’ve done a couple of long road trips in the States too.

    My most memorable road trips were in a beat up old Mini pick up, with half a dozen bikes in the back to Glen Coe or Aboyne on Deeside. With barely enough money for fuel, with no assurance that the car would make it there, let alone back. Happy days. It was never the same when I got my first Caddy.

    not exactly sure if I like long drives, exactly, but I’ve done one or two.
    The longest that spring to mind are Bradford – Perigueux (and back a week later) and Calgary – Vancouver (and back a few days later) via Lake Louise, Golden, Kamloops, Kicking Horse Pass etc. Best way to see the Rocky Mountains, IMO, you really do get some idea of the true scale of the country


    Drove for a weekend in Warwickshire this weekend with the mrs. She drove there and if was horrendous. Did the driving there and back and loved it. Possibly driing to Wales this weekend so that’ll also be good plus I will hopefully have a bike In the back too

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Hate long drives. And flights. Flew Dubai to Sydney once, 15hrs 30mins. I was crawling up the walls 8hrs in & it was barely half way gone. Awful. Simply awful.
    The idea of a really long cyce trip sounds good, knowing that all I have to do is ride a bike & start/stop where I like would be a dream come true.

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