Who else is off the bike due injuries ?

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  • Who else is off the bike due injuries ?
  • Premier Icon iainc

    Following my busted shoulder thread from a few weeks back…. 3 weeks today since I last rode, and fell off ! Another few weeks in a brace at least, hopefully then into physio and maybe back on bike early 2020, fingers crossed.

    Bloody boring and not great for the mental health..


    Have you thought about a turbo just to keep the fitness up. Your other option is get some walking in.

    When I bust my spine, the walking helped loads as that was about the only thing I could do (whilst strapped into my storm trooper TLSO spinal brace).



    Just about able to ride again after an injury in may – at least I have been able to pootle about all that time but last week was the first sort of proper ride since may

    Been off the bike nearly 6weeks due to a fractured shoulder. Just glad weather has been so poor.


    It’s not strictly speaking a riding injury, but since I was riding when it happened I’ll include my heart attack which happened at the top of Cheddar Gorge on the 8th October. I’ve not been on the bike since and have had very little activity of any sort.

    I’ve been advised by the Cardiac Rehab. team that some short, gentle pootles might be in order but my Wife is not allowing me to for the moment. It’s been suggested that it’ll take 6 months to regain my fitness.

    Premier Icon iainc

    Turbo out for now as wearing a huge immobilising brace that holds my forearm in front if me at a 90 degree horizontal position. Similarly walking a bit risky as it’s icy out here at the mo and I can’t afford a stumble. Once I get brace off I’ll be doing as much walking as I can, as I reckon my usual activities of bikes and swimming will be a long way off..


    Three months off following chemo/radiotherapy and the week before I was planning to seriously get back on the bike a detached retina so another 6 weeks off.
    Just getting back out now.


    Not an injury but none family exercise time is between 6am and 9am sat and Sunday.

    It’s been -4 and. A hard frost both days.
    My turbos busted and on its way back to Holland

    So shanks pony it was.

    Premier Icon rt60

    Had 8 weeks in plaster after breaking ankle and surgery to fix August bank holiday. Just getting back on turbo, hopefully get outside soon.

    The boredom and inability to do any proper exercise was far far worse then the injury!

    Hopefully you can start doing stuff soon!


    Knee problems and surgery mean I haven’t ridden a mountain bike in anger for five years.
    Three months into recovery from last operation, now on the exercise bike in the garage and looking at my mountain bike, wondering if I will ever ride the trails again.

    Premier Icon iainc

    Looks like quite a few of us ! Hoping we all continue to mend and keep sane in the interim !

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Slowly getting back into riding, ebike mainly, after not being able to put pressure on the ball of my foot for close on 18 months, for risk of infection/losing my toe/foot.

    Fitness is somewhat lacking at the minute…


    Not an injury but off the bike due to a hip replacement. Six weeks before physio starts, just pottering around the house at the moment. Better being off the bike in the winter than the summer though. Healing vibes to all those incapacitated at the moment 🙂

    Got taken out by a car on a roundabout last Friday afternoon. CCTV shows he didn’t stop at the roundabout, didn’t slow down when entering the roundabout & drove straight onto the roundabout via me & my bike 🙁

    Carbon fibre road bike is a write off 🙁 I was taken to hospital & I am lucky not to have any broken bones, however I do have various cuts, bruises, grazes to face, hands & knees plus a total of 21 stitches. Feeling very battered and very sore, trying to find a position in bed where I don’t hurt anywhere is difficult & I can’t sleep properly or get proper rest. Right knee is very swollen & stiff meaning I can’t bend it properly to climb stairs or drive my car.

    It’s early days but I can’t see me being back on my MTB this side of Xmas. I’m no longer a youngster & injuries take an age to get better.

    Good luck to everyone else who is unable to ride at present & I hope you get back in the saddle soon.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Sort of. I was off the bike due to injury (broken wrist) but now I’m more or less off the bike because I’m unfit and lazy and riding’s not in my routine. Need to get that fixed…


    Yep me, I had an off at Llangollen enduro in August and injured my shoulder. Got surgery in 2 weeks. Been able to do a few turbo sessions each week but really missing the trails.

    Going mallorca in April to attempt the 312 so need to try and keep the fitness up.

    Expect to be in a sling for minimum of 6 weeks which will probably result in a new bike being purchased through boredom and spending lots of time reading reviews

    Knee problems and surgery mean I haven’t ridden a mountain bike in anger for five years.

    Tough times, I was off my bike for a similar length of time due to hip problems, threes ops… got back in the end, cant do the volume I used to but enough to have fun. Hang in there!!

    Premier Icon metalheart

    Developed tendonitis in my left foot late June/early July. Only really managed to do my BaM obligations (and that usually entails some pain afterwards). Decided it really wasn’t going to heal all by itself of its own volition so went to a physio last week. We’ll see if that works or not.

    You’re right, it’s shite and bad for (my) mental health. Bearing in mind recent issues (& revelations) this is not good…

    Yep, herniated disc with Sciatica, am now pretty much on the max dose of every painkiller they can give me!

    Off bike since mid-August, surgery scheduled for three weeks time which I suspect will be the longest 3 weeks of my life!

    6 weeks recovery takes me to mid Jan, leaving 12 weeks to get fit for the Paris-Roubaix challenge!

    Half inclined to sack it off, but not sure when I’d be back to do it again, have done big events off the back of injuries before and have always been pleasantly surprised at how much base fitness I manage to maintain. Here’s hoping!

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    getting back on after eye surgery – nothing like the lay-offs that some of ^ you have had though

    heal fast, one and all



    Not me but laddo stacked it on his BMX today and double dislocated his thumb. A&E popped it back in with the aid of some gas and air but he’s got to stay off the ramps for a week or 2

    Premier Icon iainc

    Expect to be in a sling for minimum of 6 weeks which will probably result in a new bike being purchased through boredom and spending lots of time reading reviews

    Yes, immobilising brace for at least 4 weeks (am 2.5 in) as it dislocated backwards, then they’ll have a look and see what has joined up and what hasn’t..maybe surgery, hopefully not, but either way lots of physio before riding.

    Was my first ride on a new bike…


    When I was off last year in neck and back brace for months I walked lots (initially very slowly) and then got onto zwift on the smart trainer while sitting very upright, very gently keeping power right down and just turning over legs.


    Trying to get as much riding as I can in before my Nose job (Septoplasty) which I’m awaiting a date for Surgery. Then it will be two weeks off the bike.

    Premier Icon oikeith

    Cracked my shoulder blade two weeks ago, 6 more weeks to go in a sling. Have done nothing but eat biscuits for two weeks and quickly acquired a wobble in the middle (or more of a wobble), on the weekend got to the gym and used a bike for 30mins before using the cable leg machines, will hopefully do this 3 or 4 times a week.

    Broken wrist 3 weeks ago. Should be OK to ride with a support in another couple. I hope.


    Reading this makes me feel very lucky. All the best to you all.

    Premier Icon jimmy

    Broke a rib at Fair City Enduro. It isn’t stopping me doing stuff, but I’m probably not speeding up recovery as a result.


    Does a cold count?..


    Premier Icon spawnofyorkshire

    I’ll be having a couple of weeks off the bike i think. Got knocked off the bike sunday evening and my foot was trapped under their front bumper. Nothing broken, only bruises and scrapes. Feeling very lucky!


    Broke my shoulder blade four weeks ago crit racing and haven’t been on my bike since. This is the longest I’ve been off it in well over ten years 😩. Had it pinned and plated three weeks ago after being referred to Wrightington hospital The original specialist from Lancaster didn’t want to touch it, he said it was to complicated 😳. Out of the sling this week so the physio starts now. Wanted to get on the turbo (kinda resided myself to not going outside until well after Christmas)sooner rather than later but the physio wasn’t keen for me to do it. Trouble is I’m normally bang in the middle of my winter training now so I’m quite behind already. Luckily my main races are from June onwards so I’m hoping I can catch up.


    Broke my hand this time last year and was off the bike for 2 months – luckily I didn’t need surgery in the end – but as folk have said above, walking really helped – I dropped a fair bit of weight actually!

    Premier Icon Pierre


    Feeling sympathy for others also not able to ride, even though the weather is a bit pants at the moment. I’m going to be off the bike for a few weeks. Hoping that tomorrow morning’s Fracture Clinic appointment gives opportunity to discuss how soon I can run or get on the turbo trainer… 🙁


    Broken elbow in May, done the odd gentle ride here and there but at the moment that results in it all tightening up and losing range movement for a week or so afterwards.

    Had BPW vouchers for christmas last year which I have been unable to use. So have booked end of Jan before the they expire so hopefully will be able to go and at the very least just roll down the blues.

    Premier Icon beej

    3 months off to come, recovery from getting my heart hole plugged.

    I’ll be trying to get decent on guitar again, and an RC car kit may just happen too.

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